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Celebrating a Five-Year Partnership with the NFLPA

Published: 10/18/2016

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

NFLPA and EarQ Celebrate 5 Year Partnership


In 2011, the New York Giants were on their way to a Super Bowl victory, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep was the top song on the radio, and movie theaters were overflowing with Harry Potter fans as they watched the eighth and final film.

At EarQ, we had just finalized our partnership with the NFL Players Association's Professional Athletes Foundation, and began working to combat hearing loss in former, current, and future players. We’ve now been teaming up for five years and have accomplished so much during this time. Some of our efforts include screening former players for hearing loss and fitting them with hearing technology, researching the correlation between hearing loss and pro sports, and spreading awareness to the general population. Due to this and more, we are proud to hit the five-year mark with the NFLPA!

Five years is an important milestone—just look at all that has changed since 2011!

  • A number of great TV shows were born including Game of Thrones, New Girl, American Horror Story, and Stranger Things.
  • You can now transform into a dog, Mona Lisa, an old man, and more with the introduction of Snapchat and its crazy filters.
  • The United States participated in three Olympic Games and took home a total of 252 Olympic medals!
  • Smart phones have replaced almost everything including your camera, your iPod, and even your remote control.
  • Five years ago, the phrase “let it go” didn’t make you immediately break out into song and dance. Thanks to the Frozen craze, now it does!
  • Game apps like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja have been overshadowed by games such as Pokémon Go.
  • In fact, apps have made major strides. Now we have decibel meter apps and sign language apps that can help both people with and without hearing loss!
  • Babies born five years ago are now starting kindergarten.
  • The first “made for iPhone” hearing aid was born!
  • In 2011, slang terms like “photobomb” and “YOLO” were just starting to emerge. Now those are old news, and terms like “lit” and “fam” are taking over.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his well-deserved Oscar!
  • Five years ago, it was not a common practice to take pictures of your breakfast food, but Instagram changed that.
  • It typically takes four years to complete a doctorate degree in audiology. Many graduate students who began their program in 2011 are now licensed audiologists!
NFLPA and EarQ Celebrate 5 Year Partnership

From left to right: Ed Keller, President of EarQ, Andre Collins, Executive Director of the NFLPA, and Cliff Carey, VP of Communications at EarQ


A lot can happen in five years. Imagine what we will do with five more…

We are excited to announce that we have recently renewed our partnership with the NFLPA for another five years! This means we can continue improving the lives of hundreds of former professional athletes, their family members, and their biggest fans!

EarQ gives a big thank you to the NFLPA for their ongoing support and action to help those with hearing loss lead healthier and happier lives. We look forward to seeing where the next five years will take us!

-The EarQ Team

Learn more about EarQ’s work with the NFLPA here!


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