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8 Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Amazing

Published: 02/16/2015

Last Updated: 02/16/2015

Vacations are an ideal way to experience new things, get away from home for a while, and celebrate achievements or retirement. But before you venture out on your next great destination for a vacation, try these tips to make it the best one yet.


1. Pick a unique destination. Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Johannesburg, and Dunedin are interesting cities with a variety of activities and sights to offer. Do you like the outdoors and hiking? Try hiking part (or all) of the Appalachian Trail. Want to do something completely out of the box? Antarctica is a beautiful landscape, as long as you can handle the penguin traffic laws.


2. Set a daily goal to talk with people you’ve never met before. You’ll learn more about the culture, interests, and perspectives of the area you’re in, and you’ll make connections with new people that might end up turning into great friendships.


3. Try different lodging options. There are plenty of accommodations out there that give you a completely different (and less expensive) experience than the standard hotel accommodation path. If you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, renting a house saves you money and gives you more space. The same idea applies with a home exchange, except you save even more money, and you can help others on vacation looking for accommodations in your area. Another great alternative is a farmstay. Staying at a ranch or farm can be a fun and rewarding experience. Check out agritourismworld.com for options; you could end up somewhere with a view like this:


4. Travel across the U.S. with an RV or camper! It’s economical, and you can travel at your own pace with amenities and a place to prepare your own food.


5. Get lost on purpose. Some of the best adventures involve getting lost, seeing unexpected things, and meeting new people. What if you played it safe and followed the most common path? What if you missed the best adventure of your life?


6. Go above your budget once in a while. While traveling, it’s easy to spend too much money every day, but most people don’t have that kind of financial freedom. That’s why budgets are so useful to prepare in advance of a trip. However, even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s nice to splurge once in a while. If you find something unique, fun, or practical that you fall in love with, treat yourself. You’re on this particular trip making these particular memories once in your life—enjoy it.


7. Try new foods and drinks. No matter how experienced you are, traveling always carries an air of unfamiliarity. Why not embrace the unfamiliar aspects as much as possible? If you can’t pronounce a food or drink, try it. If the idea of a food makes you feel hesitant, try it. It’s these moments of summoning courage that will help you grow and put more flair in your trip. Plus, once you get back home, it’ll be fun to tell your friends and family all about the new things you tried! 


8. Have the time of your life—you’ve earned it!


Last Updated: 2/16/15


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