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Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

Published: 12/18/2014

Last Updated: 06/27/2018

Do you have someone on your gift list who wears hearing aids? These gift ideas will not only make your friend or family member’s life easier, they’ll show that you take an interest in the person’s well-being. How can a gift like that go wrong?

Hearing Aid Batteries

hearing aid batteriesHearing aid batteries are one of the best gifts you can give to someone who wears hearing aids. Batteries typically last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, and the cost of buying new ones can add up over time. Battery sizes vary depending on the hearing device, so try bringing it up casually in conversation to find out what size your gift recipient needs.

Two places you can buy hearing aid batteries from are Rayovac and the wearer’s local hearing healthcare provider (audiologist, hearing instrument specialist, or ENT doctor).


Hearing Aid Dryer

Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers & Deodorizers

Because hearing aids are an investment that give wearers numerous health benefits, it’s important that wearers take excellent care of them. After being worn all day, they accumulate ear wax, moisture, and germs. Although it’s gross to think about, it’s a reality for hearing aid wearers. Luckily, there are many products out there that can help take out the excess moisture and deodorize the hearing aids, and a great one is the Dry & Store line of products. They work for hearing aids, cochlear implants, musician ear monitors, and more to increase the longevity of the device. There’s also a very affordable option called the DryCaddy that’s perfect for traveling.


Sweat Bands for Hearing Aids

Sweat Bands for Hearing Aids

Another affordable protective measure for hearing aids that makes a great gift is a set of sweat bands. They help protect hearing aids and the internal components from dirt and moisture (sweat and water, mainly), making them perfect for kids with hearing aids or anyone who lives in a humid environment. They also come in different colors and designs for an extra level of fun! In the end, though, these are truly a good investment to make the hearing devices last longer by helping to prevent moisture- and dirt-related repairs.

Two companies you can buy them from are Harris Communications and Ear Gear.


Hearing Aid Domes

Domes are used with receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids and are connected to the tube that goes from the shell of the device down to the ear canal. They help secure the tube and device to the wearer’s ear as well as provide more comfort for the wearer. Like all things that go in the opening of the ear canal (and nothing should be going in there that isn’t supposed to (hint: cotton swabs!)), they’re going to accumulate wax and debris that are pushed out of the canal naturally by cilia. After about one month, domes need to be replaced with new ones, and if you have the proper information (size and manufacturer), you can get these from the wearer’s hearing healthcare provider or an online store like Amazon. A six-pack of domes, depending on the size and manufacturer, will run anywhere from $7 to $15 on average; that cost can add up over time. Plus, nothing says you care more than giving the gift of clean domes!

Hearing Aid Domes


Decorations for Hearing Devices

Decorations for Hearing Devices

‘Tis the time of year to decorate the house, the yard, the tree, and hearing aids! What? People actually decorate their hearing aids? Yes they do! Why, you ask? Well, hearing aids are traditionally the color of a person’s skin tone, and that can get kind of boring. Hearing aid wearers are using a medical device to improve their lives, so some personalization can go a long way to making a statement about how they feel about making that choice. Plus, it’s just more fun.

Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms is one place you can buy hearing aid charms, and 10% of the profits go toward hearing loss research and education for the hard of hearing and deaf community.

Another idea is to take old hearing aids and make tree ornaments out of them. It’s a personalized gift that shows you support the person’s commitment to hearing better!



“Hear with your ears. Listen with your heart.”

AuDBling was started by Noel Crosby, an audiologist who’s passionate about helping people gain a better hearing experience. Noel saw jewelry in a store’s window display that had a cochlea design and was inspired to take hearing loss awareness to a new level by offering jewelry that carries this design in its essence. It truly is a stunning selection, and it can be a heartfelt gift to a hearing aid wearer to show that you support the choice to hear better. AuDBling has a huge selection of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even items like a belly ring and different pendants.

AuDBling Logo



Last Updated: December 18, 2014


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