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Beast Boy (aka Garfield Mark Logan)

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Last Updated: 10/14/2014

Beast Boy

First appearing in Doom Patrol by DC Comics in 1965, Garfield contracted a rare illness in his boyhood that’s cured by an untested serum. The side effects of the serum are permanent, though, and Garfield’s skin and hair turn green. He gains the ability to shapeshift into any animal of his choosing that he’s seen in person or in a picture. As a teenager, he joins the Doom Patrol and adopts the alias Beast Boy.

When Beast Boy shapeshifts, he gains all of the physical characteristics and abilities of the animal. If you can imagine, this gives him incredible gains in particular areas, depending on what animal he chooses. Morphing into a bluebird gives him flight the same way that morphing into an ox gives him super strength. If he morphs into an animal with a better sense of hearing than a human, he gains a large advantage in his ability to react early to situations. Animals with powerful hearing abilities include greater wax moths, bats, mice, dolphins, and cats, to name a few.



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