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Have You Ever Used Any of These Unusual Ear Products?

Published: 05/16/2016

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

You know your ears are important and should be pampered, but have you ever used any ear products or cleaning practices that are a little out of the ordinary? These unusual products were intended to be used for ears, but a few of them can actually do more harm than good. From cleaning devices to absurd accessories, these six products range from silly to dangerous. You will never think of your ears the same way again after you check out these wacky ear practices!

Ear Candling

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a practice meant to clean your ears, but it is actually counterproductive and even dangerous. Ear candling works by placing the narrow end of a hollowed cone soaked in beeswax or paraffin inside the ear and lighting the other end on fire. The desired effect is for the heat from the flame to create a vacuum that sucks earwax into the tube.

While the end product may appear like earwax, in actuality, it’s wax from the cone darkened by smoke. There is no proof this is an effective cleaning method, and it can actually leave extra wax in your ears. In addition to that, the pressure needed to pull out wax could be strong enough to rupture your eardrum! This crazy cleaning method is definitely one to avoid.

Ear Muffs for Dogs

Ear Protection For Your Dog

Your pup needs hearing protection too! Thankfully, there are ear muffs specially designed with dogs in mind. Not only do they reduce sounds that may upset or scare your dog, they also protect against dangerous noise levels. These foam-insulated devices come in five different sizes so all breeds can keep their ears safe. While the ear muffs might look a little silly, it’s important to think about your dog’s hearing health. His hearing is one of his strongest senses, and like you, his ears are susceptible to damage.

Ear Plugs Shaped like Dogs

Dog Shaped Earplugs

Another product for dog lovers and those concerned about hearing health, dog-shaped ear plugs allow you to have a little fun and be unique while protecting your hearing. These ear plugs are shaped like the front and back end of a dachshund and create an illusion of a long-bodied dog when plugged into your ears.

Ear Vacuum Kits

Ear Vacuum

Ear vacuums are devices that are commonly shaped like tiny hair dryers and are advertised to suck the earwax out of your ear. There are many different designs of this product on the market, but none of them have proven to be effective. The suction created by the vacuum is not strong enough to remove any debris, which is a good thing. Like ear candling, if the force could pull out sticky earwax, it would also severely damage your ear.

Clothespin Fastening

Closespin Fastening

No, it’s not a fashion statement! Fastening a clothespin onto certain parts of your outer ear is said to relieve pain or stress in other parts of your body. This is known as reflexology, and the idea is that sections of the ear all have a corresponding organ area. If done through a professional, clothespin fastening is supposed to reduce pain instantly. Although it looks a little uncomfortable, this practice is not dangerous and might be worth trying out with a professional reflexologist.

Oddly Shaped Headphones

Cat Headphones

Like ear protection, headphones can also come in a variety shapes and styles—like headphones that make you look like you have cat ears when you put them on, or headphones with hamburger buns that cover your ears! Earbuds come in endless shapes, including cupcakes, sushi, gummy bears, hamsters, your favorite superheroes, and more! These crazy styles are much more unique than plain earbuds. Just make sure you are using them to listen to your devices at a safe level!

What are some of the strangest ear products you’ve ever come across? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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