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It all starts with a hearing consultation. Fill out the form below to request an appointment with your local hearing healthcare professional.

Your employer could help you and your family members achieve better hearing.

Studies show people who seek treatment for hearing loss have an improved quality of life, more energy, and even feel younger! Healthy hearing helps people reconnect with others—including family members, friends, and colleagues—and lead happier, more productive lives. Detecting any possible issues early through annual checkups greatly reduces the toll that untreated hearing loss can take on an individual. By participating in the EarQ Family Hearing Plan, employers across the nation are helping employees/members access the hearing care they need.

Employees of participating organizations receive:

Coverage for Extended Family
Free Annual Hearing Checkup
35% Off EarQ Devices
50-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The EarQ Family Hearing Plan is here to offer hearing healthcare support to organizations and their employees nationwide.

If it's not already, would you like your organization to be enrolled in this program? Click here to request more information from EarQ.


Why is Hearing Health Important?

Overall Health

Overall Health

Untreated hearing loss has been connected to stress, heart disease, dementia, and more.

Self Worth

Self Worth

Hearing aid users have reported a 50% improvement in feelings of self-worth.

Improved Balance

Improved Balance

Hearing loss can create balance difficulties and has been associated with falling.

Alleviate isolation & depression

Alleviate Isolation & Depression

Likelihood of feelings of isolation can increase with hearing loss.

Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Straining to hear is tiring. Your energy can increase with better hearing.

This is not insurance. This is a value-added program outside of medical coverage that allows participants and their employees to receive discounts for hearing healthcare services and hearing aids. There are no enrollment fees or premiums for participants and no costs or administrative burdens for your organization.

A lot of companies across the United States already participate in the EarQ Family Hearing Plan, including:

Nielsen Logo Penn State Logo Nasa Logo Coke Bottling Logo ESPN Logo Vulcan Materials Logo Hillshire Farms Logo Miami-Dade County Logo

Click here to view the full list of EFHP participants.

It's time to add your organization to the list! Reach out today at 800.338.0720 or click here to get started.

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