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Did you know that 1 in 10 working individuals could improve their lives and job performance by addressing their hearing?

Untreated hearing loss affects 38 million Americans, and 60% of these individuals are in the workforce. Hearing loss can go unnoticed, but it is likely that someone in your workplace could benefit from hearing better.

Healthy hearing leads to better communication, an increase in energy, improved efficiency, and more. To ensure employees are well and performing at their very best, it is essential that they have access to the best available hearing healthcare.

By participating in the EarQ Family Hearing Plan (EFHP), you are choosing to make your employees hearing health a top priority. With it, you will automatically receive:

Coverage for Extended Family
Free Annual Hearing Checkup
35% Off EarQ Devices
50-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The EarQ Family Hearing Plan is here to offer hearing healthcare support to organizations and their employees nationwide.


What's in it For Your Organization?

Healthy Workforce

Enrolling in EFHP is an investment in your employee's health and overall well-being.

Attract New Hires

Making health a priority in the workforce is a major draw for prospective employees.

Retain Workers

44.7% of workers who quit their jobs attribute it to a lack of benefits/value-added programs.

Reduce Absences

Unscheduled worker absences can cost companies an average of $2,650 per employee each year.

Higher Productivity

Straining to hear is tiring. Watch your employee’s energy increase with better hearing.

This is not insurance. This is a value-added program outside of medical coverage that allows participants and their employees to receive discounts for hearing healthcare services and hearing aids. There are no enrollment fees or premiums for participants and no costs or administrative burdens for your organization.

A lot of companies across the United States already participate in the EarQ Family Hearing Plan, including:

Click here to view the full list of EFHP participants.

It's time to add yours to the program! Call today at 800.338.0720 or click here to get started.

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