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Conditions that Can Lead to Hearing Loss:

High blood pressure

1. Hypertension/Stress

  • Research suggests that hypertension may accelerate age-related hearing loss.
  • Excess adrenaline caused by high stress and anxiety can also exacerbate tinnitus and cause hyperacusis.
  • Research has also shown that stress can be a factor in the onset of tinnitus symptoms or cause sudden hearing loss.

2. Obesity

  • A higher body mass index and larger waist circumference have been associated with an increased risk of hearing loss. This research found that those who are overweight can increase their risk of developing hearing difficulties by up to 27%.
  • Research shows that teenagers with a body mass index over 95% are more likely to have sensorineural hearing loss than teenagers of a normal weight.

3. Diabetes

  • Research suggests that the damage to blood vessels and nerves throughout the body as a result of a diabetic's poor blood sugar control may be the reason that hearing loss is twice as common in people who have diabetes than in those who do not.
  • It's been shown that the increased prevalence of hearing loss in diabetics is consistent regardless of the patent's age.

4. Sleep Apnea

  • Sleep apnea is linked with hearing loss, possibly because of the adverse effects of sleep apnea on the vascular supply to the cochlea.
  • In one study, sleep apnea was associated with a 31% increase in high frequency hearing loss, a 90% increase in low frequency loss, and a 38% increase in combined high and low frequency hearing loss.

5. Cardiovascular Issues

  • Poor cardiovascular health is strongly associated with increased risk of hearing loss in older adults. One researcher suggests that doctors may even be able to use this link for more accurate diagnosis of both conditions.
  • Audiogram patterns have been shown to correlate so strongly with certain types of cardiovascular diseases that some have suggested using audiograms to screen those at risk.
  • These findings, along with other research, suggest that decreased blood flow as a result of poor heart health can hurt both the peripheral and central auditory systems.
What Conditions Can Result From Untreated Hearing Loss?


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