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Group Benefits and Discounts for Hearing Healthcare and Hearing Aids

What is the EarQ Family Hearing Plan?

The EarQ Family Hearing Plan is a value-added program to your organization’s or employer’s current benefits package outside of insurance coverage. It provides participants and their family members with hearing aid discounts, free annual hearing checkups, a four-year warranty on hearing aids, and more. The EarQ Family Hearing plan comes at no cost. There are no enrollment fees or premiums for participants and no costs or administrative burdens for your organization.

What hearing healthcare benefits will I receive?

Participants receive the following benefits:

• Minimum 35% off EarQ manufacturer suggested retail price
• Family coverage that includes parents, dependents, and other extended family members
• Free annual hearing checkup
• 50-day satisfaction guarantee
• The Secure Warranty
   - 4 years of repairs when needed
   - 4 years of cleaning and adjustment
   - 4-year nationwide service plan

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Frequently asked questions about the EarQ Family Hearing Plan

Q. What is the cost to my organization?

A. There is no cost to offer this plan to participants.

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