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EarQ Hearing Aids - R-L7
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Award-Winning Design Award-Winning Technology

This hearing device is manufactured for EarQ and has received the following accolades:

  • 2014 Honoree at the International Consumer Electronics Show

  • 2014 Good Design Award

  • 2014 Gold UX Design Usability Award

  • 2015 Medical Design Excellence Award

R-L7 Series

Packed with slightly fewer features than the R-L9, the R-L7 boasts the same advanced smartphone compatibility technology that allows you to effortlessly receive phone calls, listen to music, and much more directly through your devices.

Performance Level 2: This device is built to perform best in many listening environments (ex: conversations with a group of people).

Device features:

Tinnitus Therapy Water Resistant Smartphone Compatibility Wireless Rechargeable Feedback Cancellation Speech Clarity

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