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Attending a Concert? Here's What You Should Know

Friends watching concert without hearing protection


As the weather heats up, so do summer concerts. Going to live shows is a great way to spend your summer, but have you ever thought about how it affects your hearing?

You may be familiar with a ringing sensation in your ears after you leave a show. This seems like an unavoidable consequence of being in any noisy place, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, it’s actually an indication that you have been exposed to dangerous levels of noise.

Hearing damage can occur when the decibel level exceeds 85, and the average decibel level for a live show is between 100 and 140. With sounds this loud, it only takes a few minutes to leave you with damaged hearing!

Exposure to loud noise can cause permanent damage resulting in harm to your eardrum or your ear’s hair cells, leading to noise-induced hearing loss. This is often accompanied by constant tinnitus, or ringing/buzzing in your ears.

Concert Crowd

This is why it’s imperative to wear hearing protection to keep your ears safe during concerts. While earplugs are a great form of protection, not all of them are ideal for concerts. Earplugs can be used for sleeping, swimming, noise cancellation and more. With so many different functions, it can be difficult to find the right pair of earplugs to suit your needs.

Thankfully, there are earplugs specifically designed for concertgoers. These devices protect your ears from high decibel levels without sacrificing the quality of the music. Rather than blocking or muffling the sound, they simply lower it to a safe level. We carry them for only $12.99, and although they are a little more expensive than regular earplugs, it is a small price to pay to keep your hearing! It will also be a great relief when you don’t have to strain to hear your friends yell over the loud music.

You don’t have to avoid loud venues to protect your hearing health this summer. Just put your earplugs in and rock on!

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