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5 Reasons to See a Hearing Specialist

Regular Hearing Tests

As someone who takes care of their health, you probably visit a primary care physician on an annual basis. It’s normal to see a dentist twice a year for your teeth, or to have your vision checked every year, but do you do the same for your hearing?

Routine hearing evaluations are a great way to be proactive and catch any signs of hearing loss early. Your hearing plays an important role in your overall health and well-being. If you aren’t convinced that you should have your hearing evaluated, check out these 5 reasons why you should see a hearing specialist.

1. A Hearing Test is Painless

Hearing tests are quick, easy, and painless. Having your hearing tested is incredibly easy and you won’t even feel anything. During the hearing test you will have a pair of headphones placed over your ears and you will listen for a series of beeps. Your hearing specialist will explain how to respond and will thoroughly go over everything you need to know.

2. Establish a Baseline of Your Hearing

Unlike visiting the dentist or an eye doctor, many people don’t have their hearing checked annually to know where it’s at. A hearing test will give you a baseline to understand where your hearing threshold is, so if it changes in the future, you can recognize that there is a change.

3. Untreated Hearing Loss Increases Your Chance of Dementia

When left untreated, hearing loss can increase your chance of developing dementia. Adding regular hearing screenings to your annual routine will allow a hearing specialist to catch any signs of cognitive decline or dementia early. One of the best ways to keep your brain healthy is by ensuring it can hear properly.

4. To Monitor Your Health

Hearing loss can occur for many reasons, not just because of the aging process. If you work in a noisy environment, a hearing test could help you protect your hearing. Hearing loss can also be a symptom of another underlying condition. Heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure can all lead to hearing loss if left untreated. A hearing specialist will be able to diagnose hearing loss and can even identify what has caused it.

5. To Catch Hearing Loss Early

One in eight people in the United States over the age of 12 has hearing loss in both ears. Because hearing loss is incredibly common, especially in individuals over the age of 65, it is crucial to your health to have your hearing checked. A hearing specialist will be able to check your hearing and help you be proactive against hearing loss.

Visiting a hearing specialist will ensure you are catching any signs of hearing loss early and are being proactive about your health. No matter your age, you should add annual hearing exams to your routine.

Hopefully these 5 reasons to see a hearing specialist will encourage you to have your hearing checked this year. Find a hearing specialist near you and start taking control over your hearing health.


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