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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Hearing Aids

Child getting used to new hearing aid

If your child has hearing loss, one of the best ways to help them is by having them wear hearing aids. Hearing aids can drastically help your child by providing them with sounds they would otherwise miss.

Although hearing aids are proven to help children with hearing loss, if your child is young, they may have a hard time adjusting. Your child may take their hearing aid out of their ears regularly or they may say it feels uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, you want what’s best for your child’s development.

Here are some tips on how you can help your child adjust to wearing hearing aids.

Make Sure the Hearing Aids Fit Correctly

One reason your child may be apprehensive to wearing their hearing aids is because they feel uncomfortable or painful in their ears. Hearing aids should sit securely in the ear, without causing discomfort. If your child’s hearing aids are leaving red marks or are hurting them then you should visit your audiologist. Hearing aids can be resized to fit the exact shape of your child’s ear.

Build Up the Time Your Child Wears Hearing Aids

If you child is new to wearing hearing aids then it can be a big adjustment to wear the devices all the time. Instead of having your child wear their hearing aids all day long, encourage them to wear them in short amounts of time and gradually build up over time. This way they can get used to having the hearing aids in their ears and hearing different sounds at a pace that doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Try Fun Activities

Another approach is having your child adjust to hearing aids is through fun activities. Try having your child wear their hearing aids during fun activities and then slowly increase the time until they are wearing them during all waking hours. This will make wearing the hearing aids more fun and less intimidating.

Make Hearing Aids Apart of Their Routine

Children thrive on a solid routine. Just as you have your child brush their teeth every morning, add wearing their hearing aids to the routine. Even if your child doesn’t wear their hearing aids the entire day, this can help them get into the habit of putting their hearing aids into their ears every day.

Offer a Reward

Try rewarding your child every time they wear their hearing aids. This could be through a small treat or an activity they enjoy doing. Positively reinforcing your child to wear their hearing aids will help them continue to build the habit of wearing their devices every day.

As a parent, discovering hearing loss in your child can feel overwhelming and scary. Hearing aids can help improve your child’s language development and will also help them better understand the world around them.

Along with these tips, it is important to have your child see a pediatric audiologist on a regular basis to ensure their hearing hasn’t changed. Find your local pediatric audiologist today!


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