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EarQ Partners with Starkey to Help People Hear in Peru

EarQ's Brenna Richardson giving the gift of hearing

Representatives from the Starkey Hearing Foundation and EarQ recently traveled to Peru to provide individuals in need with the advanced hearing device technology they need to live happier, healthier lives.

Syracuse, NY (November 3, 2015)— From October 15-17, representatives of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and EarQ helped nearly 19,000 men, women, and children in the Peruvian cities of Piura and Iquitos receive life-changing hearing devices.

Under the guidance of hearing healthcare professionals in attendance, the EarQ team, which sponsored the mission, helped fit thousands of deserving individuals with customized hearing devices and re-experience the joy of their world.

Currently, approximately 360 million people worldwide have hearing loss. A recent study found nearly 7% of Peruvian school children had hearing loss and that they were four to seven times more likely to experience hearing loss than children in higher-income countries.

"Hearing loss is a silent epidemic in not only our country, but the world," said Ed Keller, president of EarQ. "Currently, more than 30 million Americans could benefit from hearing better. But due to social stigmas and a general lack of awareness, they aren't seeking the proper solutions. By participating in amazing opportunities like this, we hope to empower more people to understand the life-changing effects of hearing better."


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