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Tips for Hearing Your Family This Holiday Season

Holiday meal communication

Hearing is a crucial part of how we communicate and interact with the people around us. Your hearing keeps you connected to the people you love and is an important way in which you experience the world.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you will most likely be spending time with your loved ones. You want to hear your absolute best, so you don’t miss a precious moment. Follow these tips that can help you experience better hearing!

Tips to Hear Better

  • Face the speaker directly. When you are talking to someone be sure to face them directly so you can see their face. Reading facial expressions and body language will put what they are saying into context and help you better understand the conversation.
  • Ask for a heads up. Let everyone know that it is easier for you if they say your name or get your attention before talking. This way you will know when someone is talking to you and you won’t miss anything.
  • Turn the background noise down. If possible, ask the host to turn down the volume on the TV or the music playing. Reducing background noise will help you be able to focus on the conversation. Studies have proven that is it easier for individuals with hearing loss to hear when there is limited background noise.
  • Repeat information back. Words and sounds can sound alike. If you are unsure of what was said, ask the speaker to repeat themselves. It’s better to ask someone to repeat themselves rather than get the information wrong.
  • Wear your hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids will help you hear better, even with background noise present. Many hearing aids today are specifically designed to help you hear better in background noise and to better understand the conversation.

Hearing Aids Will Help

Today’s hearing aids are incredibly advanced and feature smart technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and noise reduction. Hearing aids can now automatically adjust to sound in your environment, so you don’t have to. They can also filter between background noise and the person talking to you, providing you with an easier listening experience. Wearing hearing aids helps you to better understand the conversation and never miss a word.

Reconnect with Your Family

You don’t have to miss out on the joys of the holiday season. Try these tips and see if you can hear your friends and family better. Whether you are caroling with your friends, at the dinner table with your family, or opening presents with your grandchildren, you deserve to hear everything the season has to offer.

Make an appointment with your local hearing specialist and start hearing better before the holidays! They will be able to test your hearing and help you find a pair of hearing aids that allow you to rejoin the conversation and feel connected again.


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