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Hall of Fame Quarterback, Jim Kelly, takes care of his hearing. After trying other brands of hearing aids, he chose EarQ's. To learn why, watch his important message.

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Hearing Aids That Are Kelly Tough

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“Through my life I've faced plenty of challenges, and I've learned so much about what it means to be tough. Now I'm feeling awesome, and I'm not prepared to slow down anytime soon. That's why I choose to wear my EarQ's every day.”

- Jim Kelly

Hall of Fame Quarterback



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About Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly is a Hall of Fame quarterback who held an eleven-season career with the Buffalo Bills. Following the 1990-1993 seasons, Jim led the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls, and established himself as an all-time great, especially in the Western New York community.

Apart from his impressive football career, Jim is known for being a family man and healthcare advocate. A more recent focus has been hearing healthcare, as Jim and his family began to notice he wasn’t hearing everything he should. Jim tried another brand of hearing aids, but was unsatisfied with the results. This experience led him to his local EarQ provider who was able to fit him with new a pair of EarQ hearing aids. These devices were much different than the ones Jim tried previously, and helped him better communicate with his family, feel energized, and thrive in his post-career life.

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EarQ and Professional Sports

For more than six years, EarQ has partnered with the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation to combat hearing loss in former players and their fans. This focus stems from a growing need for professional players to have access to quality hearing healthcare services, especially in their retirement. Through their efforts, EarQ representatives have attended player events across the country to educate others, spread awareness, and provide excellent hearing care and hearing aids to the players who need them.





Q. What was the biggest challenge you've faced when overcoming hearing loss?

A. Me personally, not being able to hear my wife. And then of course when my kids are yelling for me, "Daddy can you do this?" and I'm like, "What did you say?"

And, probably one that's part of my life, my interviews. I totally couldn't hear some of the questions asked, and I hate having them repeat the questions over again. So those are just a few of many.

Q. What do you like most about your EarQ hearing aids?

A. Well, I've tried a number of them—different companies, different brands, and these, for me, have been awesome. I'm able to go through my iPhone, I can plug in whenever I want, I can do my interviews, I can listen to my music, I can watch movies now that I haven't been able to do with my kids, and that was frustrating.

Q. How have your hearing aids affected your relationships?

A. It has affected the relationship with my family (my wife and kids) because they get a little frustrated. When they would say, "You can hear me." I would go, "No I can't. The reason I'm saying this is because I can't hear you." But now with my EarQ's, I can hear almost everything. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad, but it's the reality is set in. I am so much better off now with my EarQ hearing aids.

Q. What advice would you give to those who are unsure about trying hearing aids?

A. My advice to people that are not sure if they want them is: "Why not?" I mean I was one of those guys that thought, you know, "Hearing aids, not quite." But you know what? In today's society, in the life that we're living now, you've got to be able to communicate. In this job world, you've got to be able to hear what people are talking about. And for me in my lifestyle—I'm not a football player anymore. I know I've been whacked upside the head a few times. I've been through a lot of things—but it has helped my quality of life so much because I'm now able to hear people better. Be able to hear the first time and not have them repeat two and three times over again. And for me, this has been a life changer.

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