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About the Practice

You deserve hearing healthcare you can trust. At Audiology With A Heart, we will show you the difference it can make to have compassionate, caring professionals on your side. What makes us different from other audiology practices in our area is that we are a nonprofit organization. This means our priority is taking care of our patients, not selling hearing aids. We treat you the way you deserve to be treated: with respect, kindness, and patience.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal

Meet Debra Shadoff

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Debra is a Member of the American Academy of Audiology. She has practiced for more than 25 years; 18 years in South Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire, her Masters of Science from Gallaudet University and her Doctor of Audiology from A.T. Still University in Arizona. She attends seminars and training courses to stay up to date on the latest in hearing technology.

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"I have been going to Debbie for my hearing aids for the past 5 years. She is always very helpful, patient and up to date with the current technology. Getting use to my new rechargeable hearing aides! I brought my prescription from my doctor but Debbie will test your hearing."

~ Fred A.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Wonderful staff, kind, helpful and truly grateful. I was born premature and have had hearing disability all my life. This office helped me get my life on track with the best hearing aids I've ever had. Resound hearing aids have been a game changer and life saver. God bless and may he continue to grow your incredible business for what you do saves lives. I can feel more confident as a professional and student. Thank you."

~ Jessie C.

Review left on Facebook

"From the very first cheerful welcome by Fred to the outstanding helpfrom Debra, this has been amazing experience. I have worn hearingfor about half my life. I have worked with many audiologists and this wasmy best experience!. Debra worked with me, with lots of kindness andpatience. She solved my problems and I am forever grateful. This postis from my wife, Arlene."


Review left on Facebook

"Debbie is the best. Debbie and Fred provide excellent customer service. She goes above and beyond. Purchased my first set of hearing aids from her. Took the time, answered all questions, and made sure everything was going ok. I highly recommend Audiology with a Heart."

~ Bob D.

Review left on Facebook

"The very best. My life has improved, I can hear, I can work, I can enjoy conversations, I can listen and understand. THANK YOU DEB & FRED"

~ Sheila C.

Review left on Facebook

"The reason I recommend Audiology With A Heart is very simple. They totally live up to their name. I've never seen a business that is so nice, kind, knowledgeable, and anxious to help. Debbie, and her staff are Wonderful!"

~ Stephen K.

Review left on Facebook

"My husband and I met Debbie at a senior expo several years ago and we never looked back. Debbie evaluated my hearing problem and fitted me with the appropriate hearing aids that from the first day I wore them have changed my life for the better. She follows up with reminders and only changes what is absolutely necessary. She is the ultimate professional; knowledgeable and caring. She is absolutely right when she says she doesn't sell hearing aids, she helps people hear better. I have recommended her services to many satisfied relatives and friends and will continue to do so with confidence in her ability and integrity. "

~ Madeline A.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"I was very happy to be recommended to Audiology with a Heart. Debbie and Fred have always been so very helpful as well as being so knowledgeable in their field. Because I was always so pleased with all their services, I have recommended others to them who are also very pleased with the services they received. I wish them continued success as they are providing a valuable and much needed service to our community."

~ Sandra M.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debra has been an incredibly helpful audio specialist for me and my wife. Her follow up technical support is quick and conclusive. "

~ Ron M.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debby and Fred are so kind and so patient. Deb will spend as much time and effort as necessary, making sure to achieve the best possible hearing improvement for her patient, while also considering affordability. Thanks Debby and Fred. "

~ Nona S.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debby has always been able to fit me in when I had a problem while I was working. It’s nice that she has Saturday hours for those who work plus it seems like problems with the aids happen on the weekend. She and Fred are always pleasant and helpful."

~ Pam S.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Dr. Debra and Mr. Fred, what can you really say? I have read all these wonderful reviews and I am not so good with words. My story started when I was 27 and I noticed that I was losing my hearing along with my mind. It was very difficult for me to accept that this was happening to me. I went through many surgeries to fix the problem too no avail. Then came the 'hearing aid game' I will call it. Seems everyone wants to sell the Best aids to you and after 4 different sets from 4 different companies they never worked for me. From the first time I met Dr. Debby she seemed to care and would go truly out of her way to help me feel very comfortable with my hearing. She has been helping me for 16-17 years. I really didn’t think I could cope with my hearing loss but she was always there for support. Fred also is very attentive, kind and knowledgeable with the hearing loss community especially when it comes to the phones and devices. I could not ever say enough for the way these wonderful people have been helping me for many years. Hopefully for many more because I would be lost without them. Sincerely, A Very HAPPY Person!"

~ Nicholas .

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debra is always accommodating and willing to help. I’ve been going to her for years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else! "

~ Angela H.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debbie and Fred are professionals in their field and have made the fitting and purchasing of hearing aids a non-traumatic endeavor, an event that I had dreaded. Debbie is dedicated to making sure I am comfortable and happy with my new hearing aids and has taken as much time with me as I needed. She has shown a lot of patience with a non-techi. who attempts to operate her hearing aids through her phone. The proof is in the pudding, I can hear!"

~ Sherry P.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Debbie Shadoff and Fred Schott are blessings to our community! They are both so well versed in their specialties and are totally devoted to helping seniors be able to hear the best they possibly can! They are always ready to follow up to make sure you always get the best service. When you arrive, there is never a long wait. We are so grateful for Audiology With a Heart. "

~ Bette &.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"I recommend Audiology with a Heart to anyone who wants to feel like their being listened to. Dr. Shadoff was so polite and knowledgeable, and I wasn’t pressured on buying Hearing Aids. My wait to see the Dr. was less than 5 mins after I filled out my medical information. Finally a place that cares about their patients."

~ Darryl D.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Professional, friendly, easy fast appointments."

~ Kenny T.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"One is not pressured to buy but instead, receives professional advice regarding hearing aids. Follow up service is excellent. "

~ Margaret B.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Deb is very professional and caring. She will work with you to assure you get the best technology at an affordable price. She knows the industry and her profession. I highly recommend her."

~ Gloria .

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"In over twenty years of wearing hearing aids I have never had the positive results that I have achieved through Audiology with a Heart. My hearing loss is severe and I can manage well in today’s world with the aids they have provided.I have often had to visit the office for help, repair, advice etc. and have always been given an appointment that is timely, polite, efficient and professional. I cannot thank them enough."

~ Sister A.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

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