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Bright Hear | Encino

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16661 Ventura Blvd. #400-C
Encino, CA 91436

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9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
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About the Practice

At BrightHear Audiology, we offer affordable hearing aid pricing at every level of technology. Patients and medical professionals prefer BrightHear because of our expertise in hearing healthcare and outstanding customer service. We thoroughly assess every individual's hearing in a personalized and caring manner, and prepare treatment programs according to each person's lifestyle and daily listening needs. Every treatment program focuses on affordable solutions to deliver real results. BrightHear dispenses the most advanced and reliable hearing devices in Los Angeles.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal
ENT Services
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Meet Jaklin Naghdi Gabaee, M.S., F-AAA, CCC-A

Jaklin Naghdi Gabaee, M.S., F-AAA, CCC-A headshot

Dr. Daisy Elwick earned her master's degree in audiology from the California State University, Los Angeles, and her doctoral degree from the University of Florida. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and is licensed by the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board. Daisy is a 2012 honoree of the National Association of Professional Women. She is fluent in English and Tagalog.

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"Wow this place is awesome. I brought my dad here because he says he can never hear me. Jaklin did a hearing test for him. She was so kind, sweet and patient! We bought a pair of hearing aids from her (at a great price, cheaper than other places!). Jaklin even came in on a weekend just to fit my dads hearing aids so he could have them ready in time for the holidays. She is angel. Also the front office staff are very friendly. Thank you Brighthear! Highly recommend :)"

~ Gemma S.

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"Needed custom ear plugs and was happy with the service I received. Highly recommend it"

~ Eder P.

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"Jaklin and her assistant are top-notch and they have helped me in my transition to using hearing aids. Every time I had a problem or a question Jaklin was there to solve any questions or problems that I had."

~ MJBurman .

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"Right from the start, I felt that Jaklin was extremely caring and comforting. This is my very first time learning all about the wearing of hearing aids. Jaklin was extremely patient and very interested in answering all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends if they are experiencing hearing difficulties."

~ Beverly R.

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"Xlnt can't say enough how great they are. I highly recommend them"

~ Richard M.

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"I’ve been with BrightHear for 5 years now, and am always extremely happy with the quality service. I’m someone who’s been severely deaf since I was a young adult, so I have about 30 years of experience with audiologists and hearing aides. I get the very best in hearing knowledge, as well as a variety of choices with the most recent hearing aides and new technology. Jacklin and staff are the best! They see me promptly at the Encinitas as well as the Wilshire Blvd. locations, and I really enjoy my visits."

~ Scott N.

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"The staff of BrightHear was cheery, helpful, and professional, on the phone and in person. Jaklin tested my hearing and worked with me to optimize the effectiveness of my hearing aids.I recommend Jaklin and BrightHear with no reservations."


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"Hi. I have been going to BrightHear for a couple of years. I have had a wonderful experience. I’m now on my second set of hearing aids with BrightHear (Evoke brand). The staff is great and my hearing improvement has really been a wonderful development. My aids connect to my iPhone and my tv. I use my phone so much more and I can participate in conversations even in difficult situations. I am so happy with the office that I’ve been taking my 84 year old mother-in-law there as well. It is so much easier to be with her now! The BrightHear staff and Jaklin, in particular, are professional, smart and so sweet!"

~ Benjamin D.

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"Jaklin is one of the most caring providers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You absolutely cannot go wrong with BrightHear if you want the best."

~ Dom S.

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"About 6 months ago, visited Jaklin at BriteHear and found out I suffered from A loss of hearing. So Jaklin couldn't have Been better and walked me through all The possibilities. I love my new ability to Hear as do my kids and husband. And Her follow up is great."

~ Carolyn L.

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"I was very impressed with Jaklin and her staff for being responsive and attentive to my hearing needs. I will never forget that Friday late afternoon I had a problem with my hearing aid and I called the office to take care of my problem at closing time and she responded and waited for me, rather than leaving. I bought from her hearing aid once before and because of her service I decided to buy from her a new pair of hearing aid again. I trust her and she is very reasonable to work with."

~ Rami F.

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"After searching and contacting 5 or 6 audiologist on behalf of my father, we could not have been luckier, or made a better decision than to go with Jacki at Bright Hear. She is so kind, thoughtful, and professional. It's a delicate situation to get someone to accept hearing aids, and she understands that, takes the time to adjust them perfectly, follows up, and works with you and your insurance company. My father now writes me all the time that it was the best decision ever, and he can't believe it took him so long, but a lot of this is due to how comfortable Jacki made him feel. 5 stars!!!!"

~ Jazz C.

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"Dr. Naghdi is truly one of a kind. She is the most patient healthcare professional I have come across and genuinely cares for her patients. I could not recommend her more highly for any of your hearing needs. BrightHear's prices are also very fair!"

~ Jason G.

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"She is great. Very thorough. I could not hear and she stayed late until I got there and cleaned out ear wax. Now I can hear my wife again. Thank you Dr. Naghdi."

~ Ben B.

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"Very friendly and helpful"

~ Ted L.

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"My Oticon hearing aids were fit a little over two years ago in Massachusetts before moving to LA. Recently the sound failed intermittently and I suspected that the tubes had become blocked, but it seemed that removing the tightly attached tubes per the Oticon generic instructions might break the instruments. I spoke to an audiologist in Massachusetts (where they were still under warranty), and she said it might be necessary to bring them in for them to look at. When I explained I was now in LA she gave me the names of the first two hearing centers on the Oticon list for this area. I called the first company, Hearing Help Providers and explained  that I just wanted to know if I should be able to remove the tubes, as otherwise I'd send them back to Massachusetts for service. Since they weren't purchased from them, they said there would be a $350 dispensing fee (per device?)  and a minimum $75 visit fee. Again I indicated that I just wanted a question answered about that model aid, but the fees remained. See my 1 star review for them. I then called BrightHear, the second number on the list. It was mid afternoon, and the receptionist said she;d have an audiologist call me, but it might not be until the next morning. The audiologist, Jaklin, did call in the morning, and said it would be best to bring the devices in. We're normally just a few minutes away from them, but as it turned out, we were in Orange County for dental appointments. So  she offered a 4PM slot, but that;s when we pick up our grandson from preschool, so she said 5 PM would be OK. (I since noticed on their site that the normal closing time is 5.)There was no mention on the phone of fees. We arrived about 20 minutes early, while Jaklin was busy with another client. The receptionist looked at the hearing aids and the model information we gave her. She called Oticon and determined that these high-end models were still under mfr warranty, which is 3 years rather than their usual 2. I'd thought the 3rd year was just  aspecial provision of our Mass. Eye and Ear infirmary location. Then Jaklin saw us and took the aids to see what needed to be done. The original tubes had hardened, making ordinary removal impossible, but she had the tools necessary to remove them without damaging the instruments. She found that they were indeed clogged, and measured and fitted them with new tubes. The fee: $15 per tube. She also suggested that since I hadn't been tested in more than two years, we come back before the warranty expires to be tested and possibly have the settings adjusted, They also offer an extended warranty that can be purchased before the original warranty expires. (Again I;d thought we'd missed the two year cutoff for that.) She explained that the tubes did harden with time and become more prone to clogging, but aren't really removable for cleaning by the client, so we should bring them in if there are any signs that cleaning is needed, and they're happy to do it. The experience at BrightHear couldn't have been warmer or more satisfying, These are lovely, caring, people. (And a hearing test there would likely be covered by my health insurance.) the thoroughly delightful experience there (for a total cost of $30 to fit new tubes on the hearing aids)."

~ H A.

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"My hearing aids were not functioning properly and, through the efforts of the manufacturer I was directed to Bright Hear and introduced to Michael, Daisy and Jacklyn. I cannot praise them all too highly for the outstanding care and concerned they displayed in solving my predicament quickly and expertly. Not only did they have my defective units rebuilt and returned to perfect function, they loaned me a pair of aids to wear during the repair period. If you have any hearing needs, whether a first time user, or, as I am, a long time wearer, you will not find a dispenser more willing, warm or able than the folks at Bright Hear. They are my new care givers for life."

~ Harvey M.

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"Been with Bright Hear since they opened. Always excellent service and product."

~ Susan B.

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"It is my first time leaving review. I have visited here today. The doctor and staff are very nice there, being helpful. The clinic looks very clean and sweet. I was with Daisy, she's nice too! Love it!"

~ Lisa Y.

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"Most thorough hearing test I have ever had. I had a set of used hearing aids that they sent to be refurbished. Daisy set them to my exact hearing requirements and they work and sound perfect. I highly recommend the services of Bright Hear. They are professional, courteous, and do the job right the first time. I have been to other hearing specialists and Bright Hear surpasses them in service and quality by miles! If you have or suspect you or a loved one has hearing loss,  take them to Bright Hear, you won't be disappointed."

~ Tony B.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Michael, Jacki and Daisy this review is long overdue. I've been a patient here for over 5 years. You guys have always gone above and beyond in helping me with everything. From testing out new models and providing me with loaners during emergencies and squeezing me in on last minute scheduling. Thank you for everything!!"

~ Carlos C.

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"I love the team here - so helpful, kind, easy to work with and really good at what they do!!!"

~ Kiran G.

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"As a first time user of hearing aids I was remise for many years to even get one even though I knew I had some hearing loss.  While only mild to moderate,  all my years on sound stages and at rock concerts had taken it's toll.  So a lot of research went into the decision to get them and research into the best place.  I checked out the national chains.  And local places.  It seems there is a pretty solid inflated price fixing going on for hearing aids.  While there are lower cost units, the ones with all the best hi tech features are way overpriced. So I realized it is about where you get them that counts, not the money as most places are very closely priced to each other. I wound up getting an exam and test with Jaklin at BrightHear.  She is very informed,  took lots of time with me ,( unlike my exam at a chain place)  , didnt give me a hard sell at all (like lots of places do) and was very informative.   She seems to go to a lot of seminars and conferences to stay up to date on the latest advancements and that is what I wanted in an audiologist.  While she is still learns about things,  so am I,  so that means there is a mutual benefit to a younger person who is just starting out as an HA wearer as opposed to someone who has been wearing them for years and knows what they want or need.  I am actively involved in my research about hearing loss and how to maximize this large and important expense. BriteHear not only did give me the best price around but spends lots of time with me to tweak and adjust the HA's. And I am very fussy about sound so want these things tuned as perfect as can be.  Jaklin does that, does not rush me and that is a big benefit for such a large investment.  Her partner Daisy, is also excellent and very knowledgeable about audiology.  Cant go wrong either way. I am very happy with their service and support. I am so happy I found them.  If you have been putting off getting an HA for the first time, dont.  It will change your life... for the way better.  And I am using the new Resound Lynx model which I am very happy with which says a lot since I am a super fussy sound guy."

~ Bruce M.

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