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About the Practice

Our main goal is to provide true customer service, and we use our experience to serve you in the absolute best way possible. At Contentment Hearing Care, we truly care about every one of our patients' individual needs. We never treat you as a number, but rather ask ourselves, “How would we solve each person's concerns as if he or she were family?"

All of our patients enjoy a free comprehensive maintenance schedule for life. All new hearing aids have a minimum of a 1-year warranty, most have a 2-year warranty, and we also offer the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty on many hearing aids. We offer free cleanings and both in-house and factory repairs of all makes and models of hearing devices.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair

Meet Thomas Contento

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“About 28 years ago, I found myself at a crossroads both personally and professionally. Out of curiosity, I answered an ad for Beltone hearing aids. I had just met my wife, and she helped and encouraged me to pursue my license to dispense hearing devices in Florida.

Over the next decade or so, I worked for a few different large hearing aid companies.

I soon realized that in most cases, the only thing that mattered to them all was the bottom line.

It's true that I need to feed my family, but to me, if you take care of your patients like they are your family, (which we try to do every day) they will take care of you. And they have.

My wife and I finally got the nerve to open our own small practice right where we live in 2006, and by the grace of God, it has worked out well for us.

My favorite part of doing this work is the reaction I get when we are able to open up the world of sound for someone who has struggled with their hearing and understanding. The technology in today's hearing instruments is truly amazing and is helping people in so many more ways than ever before.

Please don't get me wrong; I can't please everyone.

But, if a person truly wants my help to hear and understand better, I will bend over backwards and find a way to help, no matter what.

At this point in our lives, our goals are pretty simple: to help our neighbors the best we can and to hopefully bring our grandson into the business to carry it on and keep helping our neighbors with their hearing healthcare needs."

~ Thomas Contento

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"Tom and Shelly Contento are the husband and wife team for Contentment Hearing Care. My husband has been a customer for 10 + years. Tom is extremely knowledgeable, professional.and personable. We have recommended him to many of our friends. We highly recommend him to anyone having hearing difficulty!! 5 stars+"

~ Jacquelyn M.

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"This husband and wife team is caring, informative, and dedicated to their clients. Thank you so much for your assistance today! I left the office so reassured and confident."

~ Becky L.

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"Contentment Hearing Care In Titusville, FL, is the only location to visit if you require electronic hearing assistance. Tom has tested and provided two sets of hearing aids over the past 7 years. His knowledge as an independent provider is the best of the best. He was quick to see my continued loss of hearing and was respondent to my needs with a variety of options to include assistance watching television. During the several days to obtain the new hearing aids I was provided a loaner pair and my two day usage was used to electronically setup the new hearing aids. He was open to questions and comments but most of all his attention was totally fixed on my hearing needs and delivered a terrific product. My wife does not now need to raise her voice when speaking to me and the television need not be excessively loud for others in the home. Tom's wife also was there to assist Tom with the process. Both are remarkable people with the patient in mind. Future needs, if required will be with Tom."

~ Dan P.

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"We've been to Contentment twice for my daughter's hearing aids to be repaired. The people at Comfort Hearing care were friendly, professional, and super nice.   Pricing is reasonable and I never felt like I was paying for something I didn't need.  I highly recommend Comfort for your hearing aid needs."

~ Mark S.

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"I have been doing business with Contentment Hearing Care in Titusville for over ten years along with family and friends always professional, friendly service and always the best advice. Titusville is very fortunate to have this business. Thank you Tim and Shelly."

~ Merry C.

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"After years of poor hearing, I shopped around for a hearing aid provider. I was afraid that I would get hearing aids and not wear them. My experience was just the opposite! I got my hearing aids from Contentment Hearing and couldn't be happier. I have had them for over 1 year and am not even aware that I am wearing them most of the time. Tom and Shelly have been very helpful and informative. They offer follow up visits to ensure that all my questions are answered. They didn't pressure me to buy and gave me realistic ideas of what to expect during the adjustment period. I would certainly recommend them to others."

~ Donna B.

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"My wife has been given top notch professional care along with one of the best quality products on the market today.The service doesn’t discontinue after purchase either, it’s like you’re a lifetime customer and no problem is too small!It is so nice to hear all the conversations now instead of just smiling like you do because you are too embarrassed to keep asking people to repeat themselves! Thanks again Tom and Shelly at Contentment Hearing Care!"

~ Richard H.

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"My Mother needed new hearing aids and friends recommended us to Contentment Hearing Care. The new hearing aids were far better than the ones she had before and have been giving her great service for going on 5 years. The service after the sale has been outstanding. Regular checkups and cleanings have helped my Mother get the best use out of her hearing aids. I have seen others have way too much trouble with cheap hearing aids. You get what you pay for. I am completely satisfied with the care they have given my Mother and highly recommend their services."

~ CW (.

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"When your hearing begins to fail, it's natural to seek the best possible care with experienced professionals who won't rob you blind. If you want great service and comforting results, this is the place to be. Tom and Shelly earn your confidence on every visit. They offer the latest technology, deal with your health insurance seamlessly, and guide you through the options better than anyone I've dealt with. Best of all, they provide great service after the sale just as promised. I'd choose them again in a heartbeat. ."

~ Al K.

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"I have been going to Tom for years. Shelly & he are wonderful people. No matter if I stop in or have an appointment they both are very courteous and take care of my needs at once. I would recommend his services (and hers) to anybody who has a hearing problem. Top shelf people."

~ Carl C.

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"I am very pleased with the way I was treated at contentment hearing. They are knowledge about the products they deal with and professional in explaining what your needs are. I highly recommend them."

~ Juan D.

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"The professional people, who are knowledgeable and very helpful and only interested in the patients needs. I have been to other hearing aid distributors that only sell, no consideration of patients needs."

~ Daniel C.

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"If you need a hearing aid these people are wonderful and they will bend over backwards for you."

~ Douglas P.

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"If you need a hearing aid these people are wonderful and they will bend over backwards for you."

~ Douglas P.

Review left on Google

"Friendly and wonderful atmosphere caring staff"

~ Maura A.

Review left on Google

"Tom and Shelly are wonderful folks and honest. They care about their clients and would never sell someone something they don't need or won't work. They have helped me greatly for the last 10 years. "

~ Ed K.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"The only reason for the 4 rating is that I have no basis for comparison -- this is my first experience with hearing aids, and with dealing with an audiologist. The hearing test that Mr. Contento conducted verified the results of previous hearing tests that I had, and which were conducted by my personal physician, and by an ENT specialist; so, I knew that he wasn't blowing smoke. He would not tell me that I needed hearing aids -- he simply pointed out the nature of my hearing loss, and how hearing aids would help, and that the decision whether or not to get them was strictly up to me. He did not make a case for or against. I was tired of shouting WHAT, and that was the reason I opted to get hearing aids. I was not happy with the price, but technology being what it is, I accepted the premise that I get what I pay for. So far, I have to say that having hearing aids is a net positive for me. I'm still testing them, i.e. focusing on whether or not I can detect any difference depending on the acoustics, volume, pitch, and so on. For any friends/acquaintances or relatives who are in need of auditory counseling, I would recommend Contentment Hearing Care."

~ Eugene A.

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