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The ability for an individual to hear is not only essential to the communications process; it is an important quality-of-life issue. Individuals who are facing issues with their hearing can have difficulty being fully active in society, possibly leading to social isolation and depression. Proper diagnosis and treatment are key factors in assuring that an individual gets the support that is needed to maintain an active lifestyle. As a part of South Jersey's premier otolaryngology - head and neck surgery program, Cooper‘s department of audiology offers adult and pediatric patients an unrivaled level of clinical talent, advanced technology and attentive care that translates into superior outcomes and high patient satisfaction.




"I was at Cooper with my 1 month old daughter to first meet with a pediatric neurologist and then over to the hospital to have some testing completed. Everyone was absolutely wonderful, kind, and extremely helpful. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about my visits there. 10/10 would recommend"

~ Colleen C.

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"My daughter was taken there for asthma. The pediatric ER staff was very caring respectful and informative. They explained everything thoroughly. Thank You!"

~ Tam .

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"After years of treatments and doctor appointments at U of Penn, I relocated to NewJersey and joined the Cooper medical treatment team! It’s been incredible, the attention and services provided by doctors nurses and staffing from making appointments to interaction with medical staff for testing and procedures. it’s been wonderful! I can actually say after years of back pain I am almost pain free, due to a set of multiple injections instead of one injection from U of Penn! I should have made the move sooner! I love Cooper! I love it soo much I decided to work at Cooper! I want to be on a winning team!"

~ Peggy C.

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"Been her for 4 days I’ve had the best nurses every so loving and caring I was on p800 floor Aubrey , Dalani ,and all the techs thank you so much ❤️"

~ Jasmine C.

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