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About the Practice

Come see us at Racker Audiology Clinic so we can show you the difference better hearing can make in your life. With hearing aids you can hear and understand the people around you better than you have in years, and you may find yourself feeling more confidently involved in conversations and activities. Modern hearing aid technology is incredibly powerful, and there are some amazing ways we can help people with severe and profound hearing loss experience a better quality of life.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Pediatric Services
Hearing Aid Repair

Insurance/Financing Information

We do not accept private insurance, but we do serve Medicaid eligible customers.

Meet Monica Brace, Doctor of Audiology

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Monica M. Brace - Van Houten, Au.D., has been the director of audiology services at Racker Centers for the past 15 years. She received her doctorate degree in audiology from Salus University in 2004 and her master's degree from Ithaca College in 1991. Dr. Brace - Van Houten is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Academy of Dispensing Audiology—professional organizations which provide her with the most recent advancements in diagnostic testing and hearing aid technology. Monica holds a NYS License in Audiology and is a NYS Hearing Aid Dispenser. Dr. Brace - Van Houten provides complete diagnostic audiology services for children and adults and will assist patients with their hearing aid amplification needs.

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"Was amazed at the caring and understanding of the staff.... And so happy with my new hearing aids..."

~ Dru H.

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"Love these people that work here they really take care of you"

~ Lissa S.

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"Professional, efficient, friendly. Glad I got hearing aids there."

~ Teresa T.

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"Professional, efficient, friendly. Glad I got hearing aids there."

~ Teresa T.

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"Caring staff and excellent service"

~ Barbara F.

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"I have had tinnitus for over twenty five years. The ringing in my ears is constant, and I was told there was no cure. Increasingly, it impacted my hearing. As a result of my hearing difficulties, my husband and I stopped going to lectures, plays, and social gatherings. Our life became much less satisfying. After talking to an old friend who told me they had gone to Racker Centers' audiology clinic and had good luck, I made an appointment and tried the hearing aids. They worked amazingly well! I couldn't believe all the sounds I had been missing. I immediately began to resume doing so many of the things I had previously enjoyed, particularly having conversations with other people at the farmers market, at meetings, and in other public places. My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying being able to communicate with the certainty that we are being heard and understood."

~ A S.

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"I have been a professional musician, among other things, most of my life. Probably due to my music, my hearing started to deteriorate markedly in my late 50s. By my mid-60s, I couldn't understand conversations unless I was looking directly at the person I was talking to. My favorite word turned out to be, ‘What...?’ since I had trouble understanding anything the first time. My music seemed to be going okay, but I noticed I was having some pitch problems with my singing, sax tone, etc.Communication with my wife had become increasingly frustrating and difficult. I couldn't understand most of what my grandchildren were saying much of the time. The day I left the audiology clinic at Racker Centers, I rejoined the human race. One of the first things I heard was a dreadful clicking in my car as I started for home with my brand new hearing aids. I thought something was terribly wrong until I realized I was hearing a turn signal for the first time in years. When I got home, the real fun started. I could hear the tea kettle; I could hear my wife talk; I could hear the dog bark—all at the same time! It was absolutely intoxicating. Soon, I found my music improving because I didn't have to sing so loud just to hear myself, and people started asking me if I had been taking singing lessons. My sax tone improved because all of a sudden I could hear overtones and harmonics that just didn't exist for me before."

~ Ken Z.

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"The first time I tried my new hearing aids, I had an 'ah ha' moment, prompting the question: ‘Why didn’t I do this before?’The Racker Center’s first priority is making sure you get a hearing device that serves your needs and fits your budget. I recommend them without reservation."

~ Anne T.

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"I am now hearing things that I haven't heard in a long time! I recently went to a concert at Hangar Theatre and could hear every word and nuance of the music. It has been an excellent experience in every way!"

~ Bettsie P.

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"I have been wearing hearing aids for two and half months and my ability to hear is substantially improved. The two things I like best are how well I can now hear indoor conversations, the radio, or the TV at normal sound levels. Also, I now hear bird songs outdoors so well. When I hear many birds singing so loudly and clearly, I realize how much of this I had been missing previously. There was a transition period of getting used to the devices, but for some time now I have been wearing them so comfortably and easily that I forget they are there. For me, they have been terrific."

~ Peter M.

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"Since receiving hearing aids from Racker Centers’ Audiology Clinic, I can interact with ease and I am able to participate much more in my community. I find myself asking others around me to lower their voice because I no longer need them to project so loudly; now one-on-one communication is so much easier! When I am outside, I am hearing birds that I haven’t heard in years! I hear chickadees and blue jays, my awareness is so much greater. My ears are happy, it’s a world of difference!"

~ Sarah O.

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"They were informative. "

~ John H.

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"They were great!"

~ Jim M.

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"Very knowledgable staff."

~ Ted C.

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