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Meet Terry Freeman

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Terry Freeman is a Florida, Alabama, and National Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist. He began his career at the Medical Center Clinic and has been serving the hearing impaired for over 30 years.


"Terry changed my life. He is the best hearing care professional I have ever seen. Before I went to the Hearing Aid Care Center I tried numerous different aids at different places. None of them worked as well as the ones Terry fitted me with. I have had hearing problems all my life and have seen many different specialists. Terry is the best. He has got the best prices. He explained that sometimes those low prices at other places are not the same level of technology. He explained the levels of technology, you should know the difference. Make sure you get what you pay for."

~ Robert P.

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"This has to be the best experience I have ever had. Honest caring not pushy at all. He explained everything. I have to admit the 38 years of experience shows. He has ties to the community and that means alot."

~ Larry F.

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"I have been looking for hearing help for a while. I went to another location first he had only been in business for a short. Of time and moved before I could go back. With that I would say be careful. It is nice to deal with a business that is well established. Mr. Freeman has been helping the hearing impaired in Pensacola for over 30 years. His prices were unbelievably low compared to so many other offices. Make sure you deal with somebody who's established. Make sure they have a certified sound room it's the law. Make sure that they are there when you need them. This has been a great experience."

~ Richard H.

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"We were visiting from out of town and I had a problem with my aids. Mr. Freeman was very knowledgeable. I have been wearing aids for about 15 years. I was so impressed with him, that I went back a week later and bought. I have never had such a thorough exam, he explained the results and never rushed. I now understand what a service orientated office is. If you want to save thousands of dollars off the price compared to the hospitals and other offices and never feel rushed this is the place to go."

~ Carl A.

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"I first went to the hospital thinking I was getting the best care. After a quote of over $ 7000 I decided to do more research. Went to another place and the guy tried to sell me a aid that was suppose to fit my ear but it did not come close to fitting, I think it was someone elses aid. Another placed claimed to be a native of Pensacola but it was obvious he was not. I found Mr. Freeman from a friend at church, he did not try to make me think he was a doctor(MD) and did not try to over sell. I have never had such a good hearing test or such detailed explanation of my results before now. The price of the hearing aids were so much less than the hospitals and the convenience of the location was great. His office is family owned and has been serving Pensacola for 30 years. I would highly recommend."

~ Cecil S.

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