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9:30am - 4:30pm
9:30am - 4:30pm
9:30am - 4:30pm
9:30am - 4:30pm
9:30am - 4:30pm
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About the Practice

At Hearing Aid Lab, we believe in providing affordable and quality hearing health care for everyone. Our family-owned practice is dedicated to serving the hearing needs of the Central Florida community and always giving compassionate care to our patients.

Our staff are experts in the fitting and programming of hearing aids as well as determining if you are a candidate for hearing aids after a complete hearing aid evaluation.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair

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Meet Luis Guzman

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Luis Guzman, BC-HIS, owner of Hearing Aid Lab, has been serving the hearing impaired since 1980. He is one of the most experienced and caring hearing aid specialists in Central Florida, and has worked to improve hearing and quality of life for thousands of people. Luis provides proven experience and success. He is a member of the International Hearing Society and Florida Society of Hearing Health Professionals.

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"What a great place! After over 5 years with poor hearing (assisted) in my left ear and severe itching, I went to the Lab for help cleaning and adjusting my Oticon hearing aids. Luis Guzman serviced my aids and checked my ears. He found an old cone and part of a tube in my ear. I had purchased new aids 5 years ago, went to a specialist for my ear concerns (gave me anti biotics). No one found the problem! Luis removed the blockage, tested the fit of the cones for leakage. After 5 years , many cleanings and a visit to the specialist, my ear is finally cured. THANKS-please think of this location for help with any hearing problem or for new hearing aids."

~ Jim C.

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"Very profesional, 1st co. To clean my devices every 4 month at no charge, family run business."

~ Rodney B.

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"Good honest Dr., Took his time to go thru the process and explain why I didn't need a hearing aid"

~ Lavi N.

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"The expertise and knowledge is amazing. I was apprehensive to find a new audiologist when moving to Florida.My doctor recommended HEARINGAIDLAB. I saw Elise a couple of times for checking and cleaning my hearing aids. We both knew I needed new ones but she was not a bit pushy about it, i finally had to admit that I needed new ones. We went with Oticon since that was what I had and they lasted for 8 years. The testing and service has far exceeded what I had in another place and I thought they were very good. There is no comparison. Elise is very thorough and gives you a lot of her time. She feels like a good friend. I highly recommend HEARINGAIDLAB. Frances Castle"

~ Fran C.

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"My Family and I want to extend to you our deep gratitude for the wonderful job you have done in restoring hearing to my 101 year old father. Dad has suffered profound hearing loss… especially critical in the last few years. Your skill combined with the cutting edge technology employed in your labs has brought our father back into our conversations and lives. You and your staff have shown enormous kindness, patience, and consideration during every visit. Thank you for being the nice person that you are and for having the intelligence and determination to accomplish a very difficult task."

~ Tim R.

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"Love this place. Great place to go if you need hearing aids!"

~ Susan G.

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"I came upon Mr. Luis Guzman accidentally as I was waiting for my wife and went into his office to use up some time. Mr. Guzman was extremely polite and business like so I stayed not intending to get hearing aids, although I needed them. Since that time I have upgraded my hearing aids twice and I now enjoy better hearing than I have had for many years. Luis and I have become great friends and I certainly endorse him to anyone who would like to hear things they may not have heard for years. One step into his office and the greetings from the staff will convince you to try to help you enjoy your life more. I wish him and his staff continued success in helping you as he has done with me. Thank you Luis and continued success."

~ Russ G.

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"My husband has been going their now for a number of years and they are very helpful. Great people. I would recommend them to anyone I come in contact with if they needed hearing aids. Good family."

~ Betty C.

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"I just HAD to dash off a note to you to tell you how wonderful my hearing aids are since the recent adjustments you made! Has made all the difference in my hearing perception, unbelievable! The TV doesn’t sounds as though it’s down in a hole anymore, and am now able to hold the telephone conversations without asking for repeats constantly! A new world again! THANK YOU, for taking all that time with me to readjust the aids to my current level of perception. It’s wonderful!"

~ Viola D.

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"Alexis was absolutely outstanding with explanations to adjustments. One very knowledge person. Highly recommend the hearing Aid Lab"

~ Mike S.

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"Words are inadequate to express my true appreciation for all you do for me and have done for me. I am most fortunate to have met you as you are just a wonderful person, the likes of which are very rare today. You should be very proud of yourself to have made such wonderful accomplishments in your career, especially in my difficult ears. I shudder to think what would have happened to me without your outstanding expertise. It makes me happy that you have such a beautiful family and I am happy that I found you and was able to meet them. My sincerest best wishes."

~ Lucille T.

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"Thank you for the patience, caring and professionalism you have expended to improve my hearing. In the past, I have been treated by several inferior hearing persons who were apparently more concerned with their income than my satisfaction. You certainly deserve my recommendation to anyone who is in the need of hearing improvement. Again, Luis, Thank you for your friendly and caring expertise."

~ Robet D.

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"Thank you for equipping me with the best hearing aids that I have ever had. I am 89 years old and have been wearing hearing aids for 25 years but have never been satisfied with the many hearing aids that I purchased."

~ Jack C.

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"Thank you for making mom’s last year’s so much nicer and more comfortable. You all were wonderful with her and gave her back hearing – which meant so much because she was so social and loved people-but couldn’t participate when she couldn’t hear. Plus, thank you for us-it made our lives so much easier because she could hear and respond. Again, thanks for the blessings!"

~ Bob &.

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"wow!!!! What a great experience I had at your facility. It was clean and pleasant. Alexis was wonderful, she took the time to explain everything to me. My two hearing aids are great. You have opened a great new world for me and I thank you very much. I have already recommended Hearing Aid Lab to another person at my Church."

~ Pedro W.

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"This is a note to say how much I appreciate you and your staff. As you know, I had been to other places in the past, to get hearing aids, but I have never had anyone take the interest, in me like you have. Not only do you have a first class clinic, but the top of the line equipment. My hearing has been the best it has ever been, and you are always right there by chance, if I have had any problems. I found your prices are very fair, and along with the service I have received, it is a steal I must say. Your wife and daughter are both very lovely, and add a lot to your staff. You yourself are one in a million, and I feel so lucky to have met you. I trust you with one of my most personal things in life, which is my hearing. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. At anytime if anyone would like to call me before making a decision, please give them my number to call."

~ Bob T.

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"I would like to tell you of my experience of being hearing impaired. I had surgery on my right ear many years ago and it was a success. At the time they told me a hearing aid would not help. About a year later I had major surgery and my hearing dropped 15% and kept going down. My family encouraged me to go and see about getting a hearing aid. A few days later I saw Luis’s ad in the paper and it was like Go-this is it. I went and I was so happy. Luis gives his clients his undivided attention and works diligently to see that you can hear as well as possible. He fitted me with a hearing aid and now I can hear the rain fall and the birds sing. Also carry on a normal conversation with people. In the past I avoided people. I will always be grateful to Luis and we are very fortunate to have him in our city."

~ Patsy B.

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"I have been working with Luis Guzman for nearly 3 years. My hearing began to deteriorate several years ago and I finally decided I needed some help. My father-in-law, who is a patient of the Hearing Aid Lab, recommended I see them. After arriving for my appointment, I immediately felt confident that the Hearing Aid Lab was the right place for me. They took the time to evaluate my hearing while recommending the best course of action for me and my lifestyle. Luis and his family have dedicated their lives to serving those of us with hearing impairments. They take the time to understand your needs and to provide the best hearing aid solutions available today. Their priority is your hearing healthcare not simply selling you a hearing device. I would not think of going anywhere else for my hearing care needs."

~ Thomas L.

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"Very, very kind and helpful people! Would recommend to friends and family."

~ Linda S.

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