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8:30am - 5:30pm
8:30am - 5:30pm
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About the Practice

At Hearing Solutions, we do more than just sell hearing aids, although we do carry the most reliable quality hearing devices available, we also offer professional and compassionate care. Patients have been coming to see us for years because they know they can trust us. We treat every patient who walks through the door like a member of our own family. When you come to Hearing Solutions, you can be confident that you'll receive compassionate hearing healthcare from someone who cares.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Tinnitus Treatment
Hearing Aid Repair
Home Visits

Meet Jacob Lawing

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Jacob started his career in the hearing industry in 2004 and worked in the family business until 2007. From October of 2007 to April of 2009, he left to advance his education and travel. Since coming back in 2009, he has worked closely with all of Hearing Solution's patients to help improve their quality of life and he has devoted countless hours to serving the needs of the community.

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"Janice and Jacob are amazing. They helped me so much! I would recommend Hearing Solutions to anyone.My first experience with hearing aids was terrible. I bought a pair, they didn't work right and after about a year of trying to get satisfactory results, I just gave up and put them in a Jar. Any way you slice it, my hearing loss is quite severe. So, when my wife insisted that I do something, I contacted the company that made the hearing aids I had, and they referred me to Hearing Solutions. Given my previous experience with the other company, I thought it would be a waste of time but I went anyway. I'm glad I did because, as it turns out, I WAS WRONG. The people at hearing solutions tested me, improved what I had to work better than they ever had and eventually Earned my trust to the point where I got another set of hearing aids Now, my wife has me to turn up the TV so she can hear it too (and she can hear a pin drop). The thing I've come to appreciate most about this company is, that they listen to what you have to say, and are well trained and care enough to do something that actually helps. I've been working with them for over 5 years now and I'd enthusiastically recommend them to anybody. They have earned my trust and respect to the point where I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. Hearing loss is a terrible thing to live with. All I can tell you is, that if anybody can help you deal with it, Hearing Solutions can."

~ Victoria G.

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"Dr. Ken Macdonald was the fourth audiologist I went to. He was by far the best. He makes his patients understand the importance of the brain activity that creates hearing. "

~ Clifford L.

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"Wonderful! Very knowledgable and Ken explains everything in easy language. No pushy sales. SO glad I went. Hearing better than I have in years. Would highly recommend."

~ Heather G.

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"Hearing Aids have been a part of my life for the past ten years. I purchased my last pair from Hearing Solutions in Greensboro, NC. The professional staff, Ken and Jake, have always been helpful. The Oticon Opn 3 miniRITE hearing aids contain all the latest technology and when fitted with custom ear molds provide me with optimal high frequency recovery which is where my hearing loss is most severe and which is important in speech recognition. Hearing Solutions used Real Ear Measurement Technology, REM, to aid in the programming of the hearing aids. I noticed a profound improvement in my hearing ability after the hearing aids were adjusted with the added benefit of the REM data. It is my understanding that Fewer than 30% of hearing professionals use REM technology in the fitting process and if it had not been used on me I would not have been able to enjoy the full potential of the new hearing devices. I was fortunate that Hearing Solutions recognized the importance of investing in and using REM technology in their fitting process. Long term follow up visits and product support is included in the professional service provided.Many Thanks, Ted B Manny Sr MD"

~ Theodore M.

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"Hearing Solutions has changed my life. The expertise, knowledge, and level of professionalism and personal interaction that Ken and Lynne showed during my visits were beyond compare. They really care about their customers'/clients' well-being. Ken thoroughly explained the entire process of being fitted with hearing aids, and Lynne always takes care of my scheduling needs and reminders with a smile. I can hear again! Thank you!"

~ Rocky M.

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"I just love working with Hearing Solutions and Lynne! Lynne is always willing to help me out and get exactly what I am needing done with a bright smile on her face and great tone! Thank you!"

~ Amber N.

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"My husband has lived with hearing loss for over 30 years. He never knew what sounds he was missing till now. He was referred to Hearing Solutions and met with Jacob. From the first visit to receiving his new hearing aids, the entire staff were customer focused and very friendly. I know we are just starting out with this amazing group of people, but we genuinely look forward to each visit. Come let Jacob demonstrate the sounds and speech clarity you have been missing...you will be glad you did. DSmith"

~ Mart .

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"The folks at Hearing Solutions are amazing! They wrote the book on customer service. I greatly appreciate their professionalism and their willingness to go the extra step to meet customer needs. Ken is very knowledgeable and a very good listener. He is a real problem solver. I highly recommend Hearing Solutions to anyone who suspects they have a hearing loss. They are the best!"

~ Ed B.

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"Ken and Jake are fantastic to work with. Every time I need an adjustment, they help me. They keep me updated on the latest technology and only suggest changes when it will truly benefit me. They have been very helpful on the cost. I just purchased Oticon open S hearing aids after a two week trial period. These hearing aids have changed my life. Previously, I had purchased wideex from Ken and they were good but the Oticon is superior. I am so thankful for their professionalism and their caring nature. Thanks"

~ Martin G.

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"I really liked this place, and might have purchased my hearing aids here, but my ENT doctor disagrees with their audiologist 's hearing test of my hearing. The staff are very polite and a special testing time was accommodated."

~ Gregory B.

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"I have had my Oticon hearing aids for over a year and have been completely satisfied with the excellent fitting and service provided by Ken Macdonald. He took a great of time with me to insure the proper fit and politely answered any questions that I asked. When friends ask where I purchased my hearing aids, I am glad to recommend the services of Ken. "

~ Carol H.

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"A great experience, all the staff is knowledgeable and super friendly, my only choices for my hearing needs"

~ Donald B.

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"I am amazed and so thankful for the fine tuning in the aftercare to be certain I am hearing everything clearly. I also appreciate Ken’s thorough explanation of how everything works and his patience in helping me understand how best to take care of my hearing aides."

~ Barbara B.

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"I am 44 and had to get hearing aids. I shopped around and visited 2 other centers. Hearing Solutions had the best staff, options, and they used Real Ear Measurement to ensure I had the best settings for my hearing loss. I live over 4 hours away and Ken stayed last to make sure I had everything I needed before I left town. Additionally the follow-ups were thorough and really made this life adjustment less painful. Thank you!"

~ Camille K.

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"I've have the best service and care! Highly recommend."

~ Roger B.

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~ Joshua S.

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