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About the Practice

For many people, hearing aids make a life-changing difference. Better hearing improves your quality of life by helping you reconnect with the people and activities you love. In addition, they engage the part of your brain that processes sound, which keeps your brain healthier in the long term. Our patients love to share the impact better hearing has had on their lives, and we're honored to play a part in making such a difference for people.

If you're looking for help with your hearing loss, Hearing Your Way is here for you. We help you understand your hearing loss and treatment options so you can choose what's right for you. We respect any decision you make about your hearing. In fact, it's in our name: Hearing Your Way. Our focus is on your needs. We will always be honest with you, and we truly care about your well-being.

Don't just take our word for it. Our patients give us glowing reviews, and many of them recommend us to their friends and family members. Word-of-mouth brings people from as far away as Virginia, California, and Florida to see us. No matter where you come from—whether you're at home here in West Boylston or visiting from far away—we are happy to help you.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal

Meet Annette Norris

Annette Norris headshot

Our founder and licensed hearing instrument specialist, Annette Norris, has always loved helping people. It's part of who she is. The first time you meet her, you'll be able to tell how excited she is to get to know someone new.

After spending years as a full-time mom, Annette wanted to pursue a career that would let her help people in a medical environment. In 2008, she was invited to join a friend's audiology practice as the front desk administrator. She enjoyed the challenges of keeping the practice running smoothly, and she found she could also use her problem-solving skills and compassionate personality to help patients clean and maintain their hearing aids. Her friend recognized she was a natural and supported Annette in her training as a hearing instrument specialist. After she earned her license, she began practicing alongside her friend, and she's been a licensed hearing instrument specialist ever since.

In July 2016, Annette decided it was time to open her own practice: Hearing Your Way. She is thrilled to continue making a difference in the lives of her patients. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, especially her wonderful grandkids.

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"Annette at Hearing Your Way is fabulous to work with. She is so accommodating and knowledgeable. Her prices are fantastic and she doesn't pressure you to upgrade or purchase more expensive hearing aids. Her customer service is exemplary. I would highly recommend her for your hearing aid needs."

~ Terri K.

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"Great place to go to get hearing aids"

~ Steven G.

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"Best decision I made was finally getting hearing aids, and Annette was so helpful in this decision. Easy process, and on going support for anything, even just simple questions she is more then willing to help. Highly recommend Hearing your Way and especially working with Annette. Thank you, my life has changed for the better these past couple of years."

~ Bill R.

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"Annette has been professional, patient and helpful to this first-time client. I couldn't be happier with my new hearing aids and would definitely recommend Hearing Your Way to anyone and everyone."

~ Rick L.

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"So glad I found Annette . She is so good at what she does and her prices are affordable .."

~ June L.

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"Even though I had not looked up my insurance coverage prior to Annette administering a hearing test and sending me home with hearing aids, she was extremely helpful in finding an audiologist who took my insurance. Returning the aids was no issue with full credit."

~ Ann S.

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"Hearing Your Way is THE place to go for hearing aids in Worcester County."

~ John F.

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"Annette made me feel comfortable from the moment of my first call. She is very professional and explained everything I needed to know in a way that I could understand. She is your go to hearing aid specialist."

~ Lenny .

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"I went to Hearing your Way for a second opinion. I have worn hearing aids for over thirty years. It seams my hearing gets worse with each new hearing aid. And the price continues to go up. Two good things happened at Hearing your Way. First this is the best I have been able to hear in years and second Hearing your Way saved me thousands of dollars on the purchase of my current hearing aids. I got the level of technology I wanted was pleasantly surprised to find that my hearing has improved."

~ Charlie B.

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"Annette Noris, is kind, caring goes out of her way to help you.Hearing aid prices very reasonable, best prices around."

~ Kathy H.

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"Best customer service I have ever received."

~ Robert P.

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"One of the best things I've ever done for myself! Annette was thorough and professional. She is always available for questions."

~ Craig .

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"Very happy with the quality of work I receive the love the people"

~ Ken .

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"Thanks to Annette, I am all done yelling at my husband! He no longer misses out on all the sounds some of us can take for granted. Annette is wonderful to work with, and her prices are amazing!"

~ Desireé L.

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"Thanks to Annette, I am all done yelling at my husband! He no longer misses out on all the sounds some of us can take for granted. Annette is wonderful to work with, and her prices are amazing!"

~ DesireƩ L.

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"Hearing Your Way in West Boylston on the Sterling & Worcester lines is the place to go for hearing aids. Hearing aids can be very expensive but Hearing Your Way has the most affordable options of anyone in Worcester County and Central Massachusetts. The owner has been in the Hearing Aid field for many years, she provides Hearing tests and hearing evaluations to come up with the best solution for hearing loss. I highly recommend Hearing Your Way!"

~ John F.

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"Annette Norris is a pleasure to deal with. She is available and returns phone calls quickly, provides very good fitting and service, and great prices on hearing aids. I mean, really great prices."

~ Gerald G.

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"Hearing Your Way in West Boylston on the Sterling & Worcester lines is the easiest most affordable option for hearing aids in all of Central Massachusetts. You will not find a more affordable or knowledgeable audiologist/hearing aid center in the area. Highly recommend Hearing Your Way!"

~ John F.

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"Professional, personable, easy access and great prices."

~ Paul N.

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