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8:30am - 4:00pm
8:30am - 4:00pm
8:30am - 4:00pm
8:30am - 4:00pm
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About the Practice

At Lawson's, we specialize in providing you with the latest technology in the hearing industry to improve your quality of life at an affordable price. We also provide a clear understanding of what your hearing needs are so you can feel confident that you are making the right choice for your hearing. We take pride in assuring that life's most fulfilling moments are never missed. Our family-owned and operated business has been serving the Binghamton area since 1953, and it is our mission and passion to keep people connected through better hearing.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal

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Meet Jonathan Lawson

Jonathan Lawson

Jon is the Office Manager at Lawson's and a NYS Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. He is continuing the legacy and reputation of his family business as the third-generation business owner. He is a graduate from Cedarville University with a Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry and Christian Education. Jon's inspiration developed from being around the industry all his life and seeing how hearing aids affect people's health in a positive way.

Meet Michelle Abbott

Michelle Abbott headshot

Michelle joined Lawsons Hearing Center in October of 2017. She earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her professional interests include hearing aid technology and helping patients hear better to improve their quality of life.

Special Offers

Hearing Consultation
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"I highly recommend checking out Lawson’s. They worked with me to understand my specific needs based on my hearing loss and personal needs and lifestyle. They listened to what I wanted to accomplish and provided recommendations that fit my budget and explained the differences in options available. If you are interested, they have a program that allows you to try out the hearing aids for a trial period prior to finalizing your purchase. I found their pricing and warranty to be very competitive, based on my experience with another provider a couple of years ago. I’m hearing better than ever, and I can’t thank them enough for the help. If you are thinking about hearing aids, you owe it to yourself to check out the professionals at Lawson’s."

~ Tom S.

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"I highly recommend Lawson's Hearing Center. I spent a very enlightening hour recently with Jon. He understood my hearing problem and presented several ways to solve my problem. He is very friendly and knowledgeable."

~ Harold B.

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"They are central located. The entire staff at Lawsons is very professional. They were able to answer all my questions & help me through any concerns that I had. Their warranty & replacement programs are fantastic & you get free batteries for 4 years. Will definitely go back again!"

~ Karen S.

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"Very helpful.."

~ Kathleen S.

Review left on Facebook

"Good clean friendly staff & Dr's , tecs are knowledgable."

~ Mervin A.

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"Very courteous, thorough and patient with my elderly mother. They are amazing !"

~ Joe D.

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"This doctor has been working on my mother for 2 hours now. He is so patient and persistent. They closed 30 minutes ago. Got to be the best I’ve ever experienced!"

~ Christy D.

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"Good clean friendly staff & Dr's , tecs are knowledgable."

~ Mervin M.

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"I realized several years ago that my loss of hearing affected many people around me. I had to increase the volume on the radio and television. My family members had to continually repeat things because I could not hear properly. My lack of hearing hindered my performance on the job. I would attend meetings and was unable to hear what was being communicated. The quality of my life was seriously being impacted. I finally agreed to see Jon Lawson at Lawson Hearing Center. He conducted a hearing test and it revealed that I only understood fifty percent of the words that were being spoken. He was very professional and understanding of my situation. He fitted me with a pair of hearing aids specially programmed for my hearing deficiency. I am so thankful that this part of my life was given back to me due to Lawson’s Hearing Center. Jon Lawson conducted another hearing test after using the hearing aids and it revealed that my hearing understanding increased to ninety-eight percent. Thanks again to Jon and Lawson’s Hearing Center.Ronald E. Lowry"

~ Ronald L.

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"Jon and staff, thanks so much for your help, today, and what you do for other veterans, too!"

~ Merwin C.

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"I have worked in a very loud environment for over 40 yrs. Even before OSHA mandated hearing conservation . I suffer with severe noise induced hearing loss. 5 years ago I purchased my first hearing devices. They were from another hearing center things went well until this center sold out their family business and were bought by a huge so called hearing & health company. my oh my how things changed. no more small business/family type treatment . I was struggling with my devices. my quality of life was tanking. Yes they were a few years old but they would do nothing but state these are dinosaurs you need to purchase another 8,000.00 pair. I explained that is not in the picture for me right now. So I struggled for a few more months then a work contact, and my wife talked me into going to Lawson's hearing center just to get them checked out. WOW! what a difference. I was treated like I really mattered to the staff. Jonathan answered a million and 5 questions . took the time to explain what was going on with my hearing and let me try a pair of hearing devices. I could not believe that was possible. I could hear like never before . The tinnitus I was struggling with was able to be dealt with with the devices, the background noises bearable, The connect clip is amazing technology. I was once again able to enjoy communicating with my 11 Grand kids. I was able to carry on a normal conversation once again with out guessing what was being said. Jonathan explained some options to me and I was able to purchase these devices . IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE YOU REALLY MATTER THIS IS THE CENTER TO GO TO. The entire staff are amazing they really do care .Thank you Jonathan and Nicole for all you help. I have my life back."

~ Kenneth M.

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"Ronald E. Lowry"

~ Ronald L.

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"Jon and his staff are always warm, friendly and treat me as family. My hearing issues are basically 100% improved. Without question, the very, very best in our area! Thank you. "

~ Kenneth D.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"The owner of Lawson's took a great deal of time going over the options available to me with the new technology available. Johnathan was knowledgeable and helped me to down load an app to connect my cellphone to my hearing aids to make them easier to use. Lawson's Hearing is great. "

~ Susan .

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"Amazingly friendly staff, helped me out with my tinnitus."

~ Jay M.

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"Very caring and patient employees."

~ Edna B.

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"Good people"

~ Sandee L.

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"Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. They were excellent in adjusting the devices and teaching me how to use them. Highly recommended. "

~ Julie .

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"With my hearing loss progressing, I had become anxious about conversations in public settings. I was tested and shown an array of options with a recommendation for the customized, advanced performance of Oticon. The follow-up and fine tuning made a great solution even better -- and my confidence has been restored."

~ Dale G.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Amanda and Ashley are great at what they do. From start to finish they make sure you are getting the right hearing aid to address your hearing problems. After the sale, they are even better, making sure the products they recommend are doing what they said they would do. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with them for your hearing."

~ John P.

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