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4063 N. Buffalo Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127

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Comprehensive Hearing Testing

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"For starters, the LifeSounds audiologists I met and worked with during my two visits were very pleasant and helpful. Better yet, the TruHearing Signia line of hearing aids offered through the BC/BS benefit was far better feature-wise than the Swiss-made aids I bought 3 years ago at twice the price of the Signias I took home today. I need CROS on my left, totally deaf ear, and the Signia instruments provide a Bluetooth connection with my smartphone, which my Swiss aids couldn't offer in a CROS device. I asked Nicole if the Signias CROS version could receive sound from a hearing loop, which some movie and live theaters and places with public announcements have to send movie, stage or P.A. sound directly to my aids. She replied I don't know, let's try. She connected my aids to her computer by Bluetooth, went into the Signia professionals software and adjusted some settings and the computer showed it was ready for loop use. Now I just have to go to a movie or the airport for flight announcements to see if it works. My old CROS aids could do that but required a $200 device around my neck which I had to remember to carry and keep charged. The difference is like night and day. Last, the aids turn on automatically when I take them off the charger. I can't believe how much TruHearing packed into these tiny Signias!"

~ Eric K.

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"When my hearing aids were fine tuned with ear-mapping by using small microphones to adjust how each ear canal processes sounds was incredible. I could hear sounds never audible before, like watching a movie in black and white, then, suddenly experiencing everything in color! I am so grateful my doctor recommended this team of medical professionals."

~ Gregg C.

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"From Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo. At their Dent Tower location was personally. The best Hearing Tests I've ever had! Then to be fitted @ their location in Amherst. Great service from the reception. To the pre hearing aid information from Cherise Keane, Au.D. To the fitting of my actual hearing aids from Juliana Riordan, Au.D.! Must comment the hearing aids I purchased. Are used with a Apt that Juliana placed on my Smart Phone! They are the WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids. Totally made my last hearing aids look obsolete! Juliana made sure that I was happy with the fitting. Great location and great Office personal and Auditory Doctors!!!!"

~ Paul F.

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"I must say that I am very satisfied with not only their services , but their product as well. The audiologist was also very attentive , thorough and informative. I would recommend anyone who possibly needs hearing aids or just testing to visit their location without hesitation."

~ Talib 5.

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"I just ordered (aug22,2022) 2, 1lft and 1rt, hearing aids. To this point they all have been great. Friendly, informed, and they laughed at all my old guy jokes, other than that they were completely professional. (LOL) They weren't all stuffy. Grea at putting me at ease.My previous hearing provider should have suggested that I needed aids in both ears to help with my tinnitus. But they didn't and these fine people did.I can only speculate ,but, all looks like smooth sailing.Bill Garrison"

~ Bill G.

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"Alina always gives excellent care and advice in helping me use my hearing aids correctly and solves any problems I may have. "

~ Walter .

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"Very knowledgeable and spent a good deal of time with me"

~ John J.

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"My audiologist is fantastic what a value helped us out tremendously she is such a sweet person and cares about you completely thank you thank you thank you"

~ Bob V.

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"Alina was very knowledgeable and took the time to teach me how to use my hearing aids . She was patient and answered all my questions. I was able to call her if I had a problem I could go in for an adjustment. The whole office staff were very nice . I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends."

~ James S.

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"I have found the staff and doctors to be friendly and very helpful. I have previously seen several other specialists without success, but now I am finally making progress and have a better understanding of my complicated hearing condition. I have found Dr Alina Swierski to be patient and very knowledgeable. I am grateful to have finally found the help I need and highly recommend this clinic."

~ Jean S.

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"I highly recommend the team at Life Sounds Audiology! My experience with Dr. Swierski and the team at Life Sounds Audiology at Hearing Evaluation Services in Orchard Park was outstanding. I am grateful and thankful to them for their kindness, understanding and patience. They are extremely knowledgeable about the various hearing aids available and worked with me to find the best solution for my hearing needs. The right hearing device for your situation can be life changing and will enhance the quality of your life. If you need hearing aids, please call Dr. Swierski; she is committed to helping you and wants you to live the best life possible."

~ Annette S.

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"What a great company. I was referred by Dent Neurologic and what a great choice. Nicole Ball is my audiologist and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She answered all of my wife and my questions. Her explanations were very easy to understand and she was very upfront about pricing and insurance. 5 stars all the way."

~ Andrew G.

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"From the time we walked in till the time we walked out it was an amazing and comfortable experience. Gabriella the receptionist got up and helped my daughter and I into the office as I am in a wheel chair.she held the door. Dr cherise is so kind, patient and compassionate. She listens to everything you say and helps you to understand your condition and how to get the best use out of your hearing aids. I would definitely recommend life sounds audiology and Dr. Cherise to anyone. I’m a very happy and satisfied patient. Thank you for everything and especially your expert knowledge of audiology."

~ Mary L.

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