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Love To Hear Again Audiology

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1125 S. Ball St. #105
Grapevine, TX 76051

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About the Practice

Our mission is to help you. We seek the cause of your problem before we offer solutions. If you just have earwax in your ears, we clear it - whereas others may refer you to another specialist for cleaning.

Audiologist, Dr. Elyssa Washburn gained clinical experience in a range of settings including, university, hospital, private practice, and large ENT groups throughout her training and professional practice.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Pediatric Services
Hearing Aid Repair
Cochlear Implants
Ear Wax Removal
Home Visits

Want to know more? Visit the Love To Hear Again Audiology website to learn more about the practice, services, hearing health, and hearing solutions.

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Meet Elyssa Washburn, Au.D., CCC-A

Elyssa Washburn, Au.D., CCC-A headshot

Dr. Elyssa Washburn, Au.D., graduated from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with a Doctorate of Audiology, and was the recipient of the Student Clinician of the Year award within her 2014 graduating class. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harding University in Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences & Disorders in 2010.

Dr. Washburn is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), holds certification through the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA), and is licensed in the State of Texas as a clinical and dispensing audiologist.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Washburn gained clinical experience at Arkansas Hearing Solutions, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center - Maumelle, Searcy Audiologic Services, University of Arkansas - Little Rock Clinic, Arkansas Children's Hospital, and Physicians' Hearing Services in Southern California. She has also made contributions to the field of Audiology through qualitative research and by volunteering her services at several community and special population outreach programs, including church hearing screenings, community and senior health fairs, the Arkansas Special Olympics, and the NBRPA 2017 health & wellness conference.

Her professional interests include hearing conservation, adult and pediatric hearing, tinnitus and balance assessments, hearing device technology and verification, and assistive listening devices.

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"Awesome experience. Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional but yet made me feel very comfortable. Had a hearing exam, fitted for hearing aids with ALL my questions answered. Great place.. highly recommend."

~ Alan A.

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"Super staff and audiologists. Very knowledgeable and really care about helping their clients."

~ Wayne T.

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"Great environment and very friendly and helpful staff."

~ Connie W.

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"Dr Washburn and Staff are always helpful. I have been going there for several years and enjoy the quality of care. Highly recommend."

~ Bobby C.

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"Body age will be 71 next month. Needed to hear better. Nice people and good service."

~ G F.

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"Super nice people and great service! Very helpful and knowledgeable about hearing aids. I'm a Phonak user and they are up on all the latest models and can provide a full range of services. You will appreciate how thorough they are while being very efficient. Tell them I sent you 🤠"

~ Bill K.

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"Enthusiastic Professional Doctors and Staff. Excellent patient care and concern for all their hearing needs."

~ Keith D.

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"Excellent service!"

~ Joseph K.

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"Dr. Lemon did a great job adjusting my hearing aids. Thank You"

~ Bob F.

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"Top notch service. It was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend this establishment. Very hospitable."

~ Eric H.

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"First off I am deaf and have been since birth. I transferred to a new Audiologist because my current one (had the same one for 20+ years) was 30 miles away. I found Love to hear again while searching on google right before Covid. Dr Washburn is very professional, personable and cares about the patient. I have found my new audiologist that i will be using for the next 20 years."

~ Dustin J.

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"Very knowledgeable, friendly and caring staff"

~ Christopher H.

Review left on

"I've been wearing hearing aids for years and recently went to Love To Hear Again to buy new aids with the latest technology. I am extremely happy with the service and care I received and will refer anyone to Dr. Washburn I can.They really care about their patients and strive to do everything possible to find the right solution for them."

~ Jim C.

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"Dr Washburn is one of the best doctors, she really cares about her patients. She takes her time to make sure you are comfortable, and does all the required testing and makes sure you understand the results. I highly recommend Dr Washburn for any of your hearing needs."

~ Colton E.

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"Thanks to Dr Jenna! Thorough examination and great ear-side manner! Excellent experience!"

~ Rick N.

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"I can hear again! Birds singing, my granddaughters' sweet voices, many sounds that I struggled with. After seeing Dr. Washburn, my life is better in so many ways. She is kind, knowledgeable, patient, and so engaged in helping find just the right solution to specific types of hearing loss. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful clinic.....because I LOVE to Hear Again! (not to mention, my husband was getting tired of the word What?)"

~ Debbie G.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Dr Washburn is outstanding and truly wants me and all of her patients to be happy and be able to hear. Thankful to have found her and Dr Navarro several years ago!"

~ Angie B.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Dr. Conklin is a true profession. It has been an exceptional and pleasurable experience working with her to improve my hearing. I would recommend her to anyone having a hearing problem."

~ Jim D.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Love the staff and Dr. Conlin. This was my mom's third attempt with hearing aids. Finally, she can hear voices and not just background noises. Watching Dr Conlin working with my mom was amazing. We honestly thought Mom had the beginning signs of dementia or worse. After all her testing, the doctor assured me Mom is pretty darn sharp for 82 and her speech recognition is great! Yesterday I watched my mom carry on a conversation with a stranger in a crowded, loud environment. I haven't seen that in over 18 months. Thank you Dr Conlin and staff."

~ Shannon V.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"You were wonderful and, I have to say, I miss having you as my doctor. I moved to Louisiana in September 2018. I have not been able to find a caring and talented doctor of audiology to take your place."

~ Betty T.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Dr. Elyssa Washburn is simply the best of the best. Her knowledge and expertise is without comparison. She has done so much for me and brought me from a struggling to hear person to a I hear it all person. I recommend Dr. Elyssa and Love to hear again Audiology highly."

~ Sherry D.

Review left on Facebook

"friendly, knowledgeable, attention to detail, jenna was a pleasure to meet and i am grateful for her patience and understanding. thanks jenna!"

~ John B.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr Washburn is so knowledgeable and personable. Trip to the ear doctor is enjoyable!"

~ Greg H.

Review left on Facebook

"Working with Dr. Washburn has been a pleasure, and absolutely the best experience I have had in working with any hearing professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, and will not quit until she has met every need. My hearing aid requirements are challenging and unique, but Dr. Washburn did not give up until she and I were both satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Love 2 Hear Again."

~ Richard B.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr. Washburn is so awesome. She cleared up my hearing issue and gave me great preventative solutions. They are very professional and competent and I highly recommend them."

~ Tammy F.

Review left on Facebook

"I was very pleased to meet Dr. Conlin.  She conducted a hearing test and adjusted the settings on my earrings and alias, I was able to Love to Hear Again!  Dr. Conlin is representative of the continued professional and excellent care provided under the ownership of Dr. Navarro and now Dr. Washburn."

~ Jim U.

Review left on Facebook

"I was very pleased to meet Dr. Conlin. She conducted a hearing test and adjusted the settings on my earrings and alias, I was able to Love Hearing Again! Dr. Conlin representatives the continued professional and excellent care provided under the ownership of Dr. Navarro and now Dr. Washburn."

~ Jim U.

Review left on Facebook

"Elyssa Washburn is great."

~ J. T.

Review left on Facebook

"Outstanding experience! I've worn hearing aids for about 10 years and just purchased two new Signia Silks. Dr Washburn gave me a hearing test and set up the hearing aids. She rates as the best Audiologist I've seen. Very professional and competent. Would highly recommend."

~ KEN K.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr. Elyssa Washburn is excellent at handling and programming the hearing aids. The doctors have pleasant, warm personalities. It is clear that these doctors have a passion for helping people live better lives."

~ Randall C.

Review left on Facebook

"It is rare that you encounter a business who goes above and beyond to help their customers but Drs Washburn and Navarro did just that. After discovering my mother would not receive assistance from Medicaid to pay for it, Love to Hear Again worked out a solution to provide my mother with a hearing aid that has given her a better quality of life, as she is able to join in conversations she previously was only a spectator of. Their communication with us was timely and we were aware where we were in the process at all times. I cannot give them a higher recommendation than 5 stars or I would. Blessings to you both Drs Washburn and Navarro, as you minister to those who are still in need of your assistance. This is not a paid-for review, but an honest assessment of Love to Hear Again's care and concern."

~ Mart R.

Review left on Facebook

"Dear Dr. Washburn, I am having a good day because of you! Getting the wax out of my ears and adjusting my hearing aids solved all my problems. It was a wonderful day when we met you!"

~ Doris B.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr. Washburn, many thanks for your treasured gift of a state of the art set of hearing aids. As the recipient, I'm proud to be wearing the hearing instruments you supplied. As your motto so aptly suggests, I ‘Love To Hear Again.' A sincere thank you."

~ Ken H.

Review left on Facebook

"I talked with my mother over the phone and with my son who recently visited her this weekend, and they both agree that her hearing has improved after Dr. Washburn and Dr. Navarro fit her with her new hearing aid. My son noticed that he no longer had to raise his voice at her to be heard, so that is a big improvement! I cannot thank them enough. They have helped her to have a better quality of life, as she now is able to join in conversations she previously was only a spectator of. Thanks and blessings to them as they minister to those who are still in need of their assistance."

~ Diana M.

Review left on Facebook

"Love to Hear Again Audiology practice has been instrumental in improving my quality of life, in my ability to stay social and connected to those around me, although I suffer from severe hearing impairment. Dr. Washburn, who joined the practice in 2016, is quite personable and is very knowledgeable! At various follow-up appointments she has customized my hearing aid prescription, and most recently made several enhancements to an older unit I had, thus providing a significantly improved hearing experience when using it! I look forward to many years of continuing this relationship!"

~ Kirby H.

Review left on Facebook

"Easily the best audiologist in the DFW metroplex. Thanks again"

~ Cameron M.

Review left on Facebook

"I saw Dr. Washburn for a VA evaluation.  Dr. Washburn took time to review my service records, asked pertinent questions regarding my military occupational skill, and conducted a thorough examination to evaluate service connected bi-lateral hearing loss.  I highly recommend Dr. Washburn.  She is what is right about the medical profession!"

~ David M.

Review left on Facebook

"They carefully and patiently listened to me, adjusted my old hearing aids as best they could, then invited me to a demo of a new type of hearing aid. A hearing test was included in the demo. That's the type I ended up getting. Dr.Navarro suggested an insurance path I hadn't considered and he worked with the carrier to get me covered. Dr. Washburn fitted my new hearing aids, made lots and lots of adjustments, and showed me how to control them from my iPhone.. She has been answering my frequent e-mails about the nuances of the hearing aids. These folks listen to you, suggest a plan and work with you on that plan. They develop what's best for you even though it may not be what you thought you wanted. I have been a client of several other hearing aid providers over the years and Love To Hear Again is head and shoulders above the others."

~ Al A.

Review left on Facebook

"Love to Hear again goes not quit, until they fit! I had a very difficult time getting use to wearing hearing aids. Never having worn them before, looking back, I was having a difficult time just getting used to the process. Once I apologized for coming so often. Their response was that they didn't just provide hearing aids, but service as well."

~ James U.

Review left on Facebook

"I had a great experience at Love To Hear Again. Dr. Washburn was friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company and I would use their services again!"

~ Justin M.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr. Navarro and Dr. Washburn are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I took my 7 year old in because he wasn't paying attention in class, and sure enough, it was due to excessive ear wax (which she removed PAINLESSLY) and mild sinusitis. Dr. Washburn recommended a natural nasal spray that worked wonders. They really CARE about their patients!"

~ Dr. J.

Review left on Facebook

"These folks have gone out of their way to make sure I got exactly the right hearing aids. I have had hearing aids for years but these are the best.  I can adjust them easily using my iPhone. Dr. Washburn did a service appointment for me on my old hearing aids and discovered one was faulty so she sent it in for warranty repair. Then I attended a special event to demo a new type of hearing aid, and a hearing test was included for free. Those are the ones I just recently acquired. They recommended an insurance path I had not considered - they then went through the hoops with the insurance company for me. Dr. Washburn made extensive adjustments for me so I could walk out the door ready to take on the world. They listen carefully to one's needs and interact with the client to come up with the ideal solution to make sure it's right, not just what you want to hear. I highly recommend Love To Hear Again!"

~ Al A.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr Elyssa is personable and really cares about finding the cause of the issue. Both Dr Elyssa Washburn and Dr Navarro are doctors of integrity and truly care!"

~ Janelle W.

Review left on Facebook

"Dr. Navarro is an excellent Audiologist and H he has helped my husband by testing his hearing that allowed him to get new hearing aids from VA, He also was great working with my 93 year old mother. He was able to adjust her aids to allow her to hear much better. Mom is very happy with the result and that makes me very happy. Dr. Navarro is a true professional and honestly one of the nicest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. I would highly recommend him to help you with your hearing needs."

~ Marsha N.

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