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About the Practice

Since 2010, Pure Hearing has been providing the most advanced hearing technologies, the lowest prices, and world-class service. We are obsessed with helping you achieve your personal best hearing, and driving down costs. Your hearing is too important to shackle it to average technology, and you've worked too hard to throw away your money at locations that overcharge. That's why we refuse to compromise the quality of hearing aids we offer, and we'll never stop improving!

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Meet Jordan Bigler

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Jordan Bigler grew up on a farm, the ample beginnings for a Hearing Instrument Specialist. His origins taught him a lot about hard work and the need for living within a budget, and he took all this life experience into account when he started Pure Hearing. Jordan graduated from the University of Utah and has been in the hearing-aid industry for eleven years now as a board-certified HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist). A strong work ethic and a desire to offer his customers the best service possible has driven Jordan to redefine the industry through an innovative, customer-centric service model.


"You won't find a better place!!! Not only will it save you tons of $$$ on the best quality hearing aids available, you won't find better people anywhere to help you improve your hearing--or better people period. All of the staff are exceptional. Do yourself a favor by supporting a business that you can wholeheartedly trust. Your ears will thank you, your pocketbook will thank you, and you'll have no regrets. Tell other people, too--I owe this great experience to another friend's enthusiastic recommendation. Love these guys, they're awesome!"

~ Deb R.

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"Excellent service! Professional employees. Jordan was very friendly and helpful. Up front communication about product, price and services. I have had a fantastic experience with this company and would highly and enthusiastically recommend their services!"

~ Kambree M.

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"I purchased my first hearing aids from Pure Hearing Direct despite my concern their after-sale service would not match that of my local provider. After three months and several consultations, I have no such concern. Jordan, Jane, Scott and Amanda are just a phone call away, and they have pleasantly, quickly, and professionally resolved every issue I have presented. Local providers may legitimately point out that online resellers cannot offer personalized fittings or after-sale verification of audiologic prescriptions, but the well-fitting hearing aids I received from Pure Hearing Direct restored my hearing to a very acceptable level. I am content with that result even if after-sale verification might allow me to achieve something marginally better. Of course, I readily admit that paying $2,000 rather than $5,000 for the same device has a lot to do with that contentment - if $2,000 restores me to, let’s say, 95% of optimal hearing, I cannot justify spending an additional $3,000 to chase some marginal improvement that I might not even notice. I am fortunate, and could afford the $5,000 option, just as I could afford to drive a BMW. But, I drive a Honda for the same reason I choose to buy hearing aids from Pure Hearing Direct – I want a quality product at a reasonable price."

~ Kevin H.

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"Pure Hearing is the most ethical and honest company I have worked with in years. There are no hard sales pitches or pressure to buy. You will get an honest and accurate hearing screening for free and a recommendation...THAT'S IT! From there you will also get extremely good customer service if you choose to purchase hearing aids. Now the important part. Pure Hearing sells their hearing aids at more of a wholesale price. You will pay astronomically less for hearing aids compared to the national average and almost all other providers. These guys are great!!"

~ Eric M.

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"We went in with a last second emergency hearing aid repair and the man that helped us was awesome. Got a loaner and repair from phonak even though we were out of warranty. We usually get our heating aids from the audiologist, but if they are half this good when we come back, they've got a customer for life."

~ Chris .

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