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Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Meet Teri Quednau

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At the age of 32, Teri was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe conductive hearing loss in her right ear. While it was hard to deal with at such a young age, it helped to allow Teri to realize her passion - not only can she relate with patients, she is able to make the entire experience as seamless as possible. After spending time as a patient care tech for a hearing aid company, she entered the field of hearing with the aim to build partnerships and trust with her patients.

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"Friendly and professional! Great to work with!! Made the whole process simple and easy!"

~ Jessica A.

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"Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable"

~ Jackie R.

Review left on Facebook

"Despite the limitations due to COVID-19, setting up my appointments was always easy and convenient. The initial testing was thorough yet quick, and the selection of hearing aids was most appropriate to my specific needs. I required only one minor adjustment on a walk-in basis, and my success has been even better than I had hoped for! I’m now hearing sounds I didn’t know existed, the TV volume is down 50%, and my wife and I can now talk at normal levels. Quednau offers a wide variety of brands and styles, which translates to a broader range of options to match your specific needs. I couldn’t have been happier with friendliness & professionalism of the staff. If I could give them more than 5 stars I definitely would. I highly recommend Quednau Quality Hearing!"

~ Russell S.

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"Teri Quednau worked diligently to ensure I received the appropriate hearing aids. She carefully adjusted them to my hearing deficiency. I highly recommend Quednau Quality Hearing, LLC."

~ Linda M.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Very pleased with Quednau Quality Hearing from first visit. Teri gave me a new hearing test, was best one I every had since I had my first test almost 16 years ago. She gave me a option of a new pair (which would be my 3rd pair). Oh what a difference in hearing aids. I highly recommend Teri for your hearing concerns."

~ Wendell V.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Teri makes the process of getting hearing aids very simple and easy. Her knowledge of the products available and her ability to find solutions for your problem is wonderful. She listens to what you want and is very easy to work with. Overall a great experience."

~ Ray S.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Teri is very customer focused and knowledgable about the hearing aid business. My husband and I both got hearing aids from her, and she spent a lot of time both explaining the benefits of wearing hearing aids and how to use them once we were fitted."

~ Barbara P.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Great personal care by a professional who obviously knows what she is doing. She is not satisfied until the customer is happy."

~ Eleanor D.

Review left on Facebook

"Terry was thorough, professional and kind. She explained hearing and how hearing aids work in the most insightful way I have experienced. The testing she gave me and my wife and her explanation of the results was professional but not too technical. She listened to our needs and set us up with hearing aids that are...awesome. They are a perfect match for our lifestyle and I can now hear speech and other important sounds that I was obviously missing."

~ Gary M.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Life Changing! Teri explained everything in a way that I understood exactly what to expect. In these troubling times with the COVID-19 outbreak, Teri did everything possible to get my hearing aids and get me in quickly so that I could begin my life once again hearing the world around me. I feel like a child experiencing the wonderment of new sounds and awareness all around me. I wish I would have done this sooner. Thanks Teri!!"

~ John W.

Review left on Facebook

"The best experience I've had with correcting my hearing problems. I can not recommend Teri Quednau enough. The Signia hearing aids from True Hearing are the best. After many decades struggling with hearing problems I have finally found affordable help with my problem. I can hear things like never before."

~ Brad P.

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"Our initial appointment was lengthy but she had 2 of us to test. My next appointment was shorter and went very well. My new hearing aids fit perfectly and my family is very grateful that I can hear again. The TV volume went from 42 to 22. Thank you so much."

~ Carol T.

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"I have had one fitting with Terri and was very pleased with the out come of my visit. I can hear better now than I have for along time. Very pleased. "

~ Betty C.

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"Teri is a perfect example of what a professional helping others is about. My old ears now hear better than I could ever imagine!"

~ Armond C.

Review left on Facebook

"Teri has help a lot. I am hearing better now. She takes the time to make sure you are pleased with her service to me. I think she is outstanding. Thanks!!!"

~ Jennie K.

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"Teri did a great job getting me my new hearing aids. Love them. Thanks Teri!"

~ Jerry A.

Review left on Facebook

"Teri is professional and very patient. She makes sure that you are comfortable with the care and fit of your hearing aids before you leave the office."

~ Jerry P.

Review left on Facebook

"Teri is A very patient, knowledgeable, hearing aid professional! She makes you feel very comfortable & explains the whole program in words you can understand. I was concerned about the appointment---that fear left the minute I met her in her office. Why go somewhere else ?"

~ Paul M.

Review left on Facebook

"Teri is very professional and passionate. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right hearing solution for you. My new hearing aids from Teri are amazing and I highly recommend Quednau Quality Hearing!"

~ Eric F.

Review left on Facebook

"Teri is very educated in her field. She not only performs like a professional, she exhibits a very personal touch with all of her clients. By the way, she made my old ears hear things I could not imagine!!"

~ Armond C.

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