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Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Meet Teri Quednau

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At the age of 32, Teri was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe conductive hearing loss in her right ear. While it was hard to deal with at such a young age, it helped to allow Teri to realize her passion - not only can she relate with patients, she is able to make the entire experience as seamless as possible. After spending time as a patient care tech for a hearing aid company, she entered the field of hearing with the aim to build partnerships and trust with her patients.

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"Teri is one of these women , when you walk in you feel like you have just found the friend you been missing. One of the best places that I have ever done business with."

~ Alan W.

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"Teri was extremely helpful to me two times this past summer. I didn't have an appointment either time but she was able to make time to resolve my hearing aid problems immediately. Her professionalism and expertise were just what I needed. I especially appreciated her welcoming friendliness and willingness to help fix my problems."

~ George B.

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"Teri is great. Very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and she goes out of her way to make things work. She’s the best!"

~ Joe M.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"I want to thank Teri for all the patience I received trying to get just the right hearing aid. I would recommend Quednau Hearing anytime. Thanks again Teri. "

~ Karen B.

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"Teri provides the customer service that is lacking today. Her dedication, understanding, and compassion to help those with a hearing loss is phenomenal. I highly recommend Quednau Quality Hearing. "

~ Raymond D.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"My word for Terri is EXCELLENT!!! She is very caring, very professional and she helps you to feel so relaxed talking to her about your hearing problem. Terri will work with you until the problem is solved whether it is just questions or helping you to pick out the hearing aids. Again she is Great."

~ Sharon H.

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"Teri is a truly caring service provider! I can't tell you how happy I am with the service and product that she provided. I was born with hearing loss in both ears and have tried 3 different hearing aids over my lifetime and none have really worked. I can't begin to thank Teri enough and to send along my recommendation that if you have a hearing problem, go see Teri and she will do an excellent job for you!! "

~ Satisfied P.

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"Terri is amazing and it’s so nice to have someone that really understands what it’s like to be hard of hearing to answer all your questions and get you to were you are comfortable with them before you leave She helped me so much I will be forever grateful for what she did for me. I wasn’t able to get the hearing aids that I needed so she had me come back in and she gave them to me."

~ Aaron W.

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"I can just say that I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and with the professional help from Teri with the ongoing transition from the old to the new. Thank You."

~ Dave M.

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"This is the place to go if you if you have hearing problems. Terri is great to work with, she takes the time to help you and you will have fun there, she is not stuffy like most places."

~ Craig K.

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"Teri has helped my mother. She is kind and very understanding. Mom’s hearing aids work and the service she gives is extraordinary."

~ Benita L.

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"I did not buy my aids from Teri, butt her after sale support has been great. Thank you Teri."

~ Will B.

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"The service I received was very professional and Teri made sure I was satisfied with fit and operation of the hearing aids. I will recommend Quednau Quality Hearing to anyone needing hearing aids."

~ Terry L.

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"Terri makes sure you’re getting the perfect balance between you and your new hearing aids. I’m so glad I went to Quednau Quality Hearing. My new hearing aids are fabulous!"

~ Donna D.

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"Both my Oticon hearing aids and the service from Teri Quednau were excellent."

~ Dorothy N.

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"My husband just got new hearing aids here and he is very pleased. There are features to the Oticon aids that will change his life. and Teri was super knowledgable and helpful. She also did some tweaking on my two year old aids and the update is terrific; fixed at least one of my nits. Finally, the TV interface is awesome!! Thanks, Teri!"

~ Mary R.

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"Of all the testing I have had for my hearing , Teri was the best. The Signia hearing aids she recommended are above and beyond others offered to me. The follow up is excellent."

~ Robert D.

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