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About the Practice

At Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center, we believe in building strong relationships with our patients. We get to know you so we can better serve you. We want you to feel like you know us, too. Because when it comes to something as personal as your hearing, you deserve to know who you're entrusting your care to.

Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center is a family-owned and operated business. Our patients are our neighbors here in Abilene, and we were raised to believe it's our duty to help our neighbors.

Specialties include:

Comprehensive Hearing Testing
Hearing Aid Repair
Ear Wax Removal

Meet Greg Brenner

Greg Brenner headshot

Greg has over 30 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. During that time, he's led a franchise of hearing aid retailers, worked in a big-box store, owned a chain of hearing aid offices across the state, and partnered with other hearing instrument specialists in a single office — but what he likes best is providing patients with one-on-one care.

Working under other people, Greg found he wasn't able to devote as much time or attention to taking care of each patient. Every patient is unique, and they need hearing solutions that are custom-tailored to their individual hearing situation. With Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center, Greg is able to make sure every patient benefits from personalized care. Greg wears hearing aids himself, so he knows how important it is to have the right devices. We only sell hearing aids that live up to his high standards.

Prior to entering the field of hearing, Greg served in the Air Force and then worked in management for a major national retailer. He continues to care for his fellow veterans and invites them to come to Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center to have their hearing aids cleaned and reprogrammed.

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"While on vacation, my wife's Signia hearing aid wax guards needed to be replaced, but we didn't have any spares. As we were traveling through Abilene, we went to Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center to ask about buying replacement guards. Erica was extremely competent, cheerful, and kind in helping us. She sold us the correct guards at a fair price and offered to clean the hearing devices and install the new filters as a complimentary service. This was a great customer service experience! I would definitely recommend this company to others."

~ Arnold C.

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"If you need to stop Asking the What then Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center is the company to go to. I rarely give perfect but this office definitely deserves a 10. The office Receptionist is accurate, professional and completely efficient in her work. I mention here that she’s also very personable. Mr. Brennan truly cares about your hearing. He knows what he is doing and I’ll continue my care at his office."

~ Mik H.

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"The staff were very polite and efficient! Most of all I enjoyed my experience with the Doctor! They made me feel welcome and important! 😻🥰🤩😍💝💌"

~ Stacey J.

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"Eulan went toTexas State Hearing Aid to have his ears checked beside cleaning his ears out Greg tested his hearing . Eulan had a old hearing aids that had stopped working. Greg worked on them for about thirty minutes and got one to work , however the other one was dead . Greg fitted Eulan for a new set of hearing aids he let him wear them home and keep them for two weeks , if any of you wives have a husband that is heard of hearing you will under stand how great it is for Eulan to hear me talk without saying what or getting mad because I mumble when I talk . He can now hear me and he never has been able to understand Abbi when she talks to him. He can under stand now it really is wonderful. I wanted Eulan to go to Greg because several years ago when I worked for a home healthcare company w went to the town around the area to check blood/pressure,pulse, Cholesterol levels and blood sugar for seniors citizens Greg went with me an tested hearing and helped people that had hea ring aid s. All for free. I got to know Greg very well during this time . He is a very nice and honest person. Eulan has his own new hearing aids now and he is so happy. Eulan is like a person with a new toy he can answer his phone just by pushing a botton on his ear and talk on the phone this is so much safer for him when he is driving if any one has problems hearing we recommend Greg."

~ Dorothy P.

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"Great Service, Great Products and Great Folks.I Strongly Recommend Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center in Abilene!!"

~ Rick W.

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"After 30 years of increasing loss I was told that no existing devises existed to deal with my continuing hearing deficit. An appointment at Texas State Hearing Aid Device proved this not to be the case. Mr. Brenner worked closely with me to determine what could be done. I strongly recommend his professional, expert assistance. He has provided the opportunity to once again experience the audible world. Thank you so much Mr. Brenner."

~ Gayle C.

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"Really great place. Gregory Brenner explain everything where I could understand. He is very friendly. If you looking for someone that is knows their stuff and explain in a way that you can understand then Gregory Brenner is the guy."

~ John S.

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"Me and my husband had a very excellent experience with Gregory Brenner he really cares about his patients and he explains everything to you before he test your hearing and let you see a photo inside your ears and he explains your hearing test like where you can understand it and what is the best answer for your hearing loss awesome job"

~ Chrys B.

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"This place was wonderful for a friend of mine. They worked within his budget and made sure he had the best for his needs. My friend is hearing things that he has never noticed before and he has worn aids all of his life!! Wonderful to watch his reactions to things we take for granted. Thank you so much."

~ Joann H.

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"This place is the best!!!! My husband has had bad hearing problems his whole life and finally decided to get it checked out! Gregg was soo amazing and helpful and had the patience to answer all of our questions! His staff is awesome as well. Now my husband has a whole different life because he can actually hear for the first time in 25 yrs. Thank you soo much texas state hearing aid! I will forever refer y'all to everyone I meet :)"

~ Casey P.

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"Erika and Greg did a great job evaluating and accommodating My 90 year old Mom and I in a session. I was able to get my first (long overdue) pair of hi quality Digital hearing aids tuned for my loss. they are great!!! Mom was armed with data to show her current provider, her right hearing aid didn't work. We both got satisfaction + Mom was loaned a pair of hearing aids from this stranger for two months until we could get her others repaired. WOW. Thank you Greg for A+++ services!!!"

~ Kregg M.

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"Friendly staff and great service and hearing aids."

~ Ruben C.

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"My husband has had hearing loss for a number of years & was always apprehensive about getting/wearing hearing aids. Commercials for hearing loss depict senior citizens as the age range of wearing them & so hearing aids = getting old to most people & that’s just not how it is in real life. Texas State Hearing changed his whole way of thinking, they explained the reason for HIS hearing loss and the different options that were available for HIS specific problem. They really took the extra time to examine, test & answer all of our questions. A demo pair was put on my husband so he could see how he would look with the same style of hearing aid & how well he would be able to hear. Needless to say, we ordered them that day! I would DEFINITELY recommend Texas State Hearing for all of your hearing problems, questions & concerns! A+"

~ Kim J.

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"I have had hearing loss my whole life. I never wanted to have a hearing aid for the stigma of everyone knowing. Erika greeted me and had me fill out some paperwork. I went to just look into seeing how much hearing loss I had, the hearing tests haven't changed much over the years. Greg explained to me that the hearing loss that I have is understanding the words, cause the when friends talk it sounds muffled. He put hearing aids on me right then no waiting or anything. And to my surprise what a HUGE difference in the clarity of words. A great experience and highly recommend Texas State Hearing Aid Center in Abilene"

~ Dana P.

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"That was great and very helpful and have a kind heart for helping people and I will go back to them evey time"

~ Koby J.

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"I called the office because I was having trouble hearing out of my right ear. I was told to come in right away. I got in and out quickly and was very pleased with the results. Thanks Greg."

~ Teresa S.

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"A great place and Gregg is an awesome owner here!!!!"

~ Patricia H.

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"A great place and Gregg is an awesome owner here!!!!"

~ Patricia H.

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"I love this clinic very helpful and the secretary is very sweet and awesome . i recommend this clinic to people that need test done"

~ Shelby D.

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