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"Kathy and her staff were so friendly and professional. I’m so happy my mother in law can hear again! I highly recommend this business!"

~ 1024m3 .

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"Dr. Lo and her staff are remarkable! Great service, very accommodating, and so very personable! I would recommend her service to any and everyone!"

~ Richard P.

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"Since I received my hearing aids I enjoyed listening to bird singing. Listening and understanding conversations with people. The comfortable fit of the hearing aids are great. The Hearing Aid Clinic was great with the process to make sure I have a correct fit."

~ Blare D.

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"I am now more of a part of family discussions since I can hear the conversations clearer and not be constantly asking for people to repeat what is shared. My confidence in myself is elevated because I don't 'miss hear' parts of a conversation and thus come to wrong conclusions. I can now relate to conversations in a crowd normally. It is great to hear again over the phone and not have the TV so loud!"

~ Carey K.

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"I am very satisfied with the service I receive from The Hearing Clinic. All of the staff treat you as if you are family. Dr. Lo is a very knowledgeable doctor. She finds out what your problem is and treats you for it. I have been a patient of Dr. Lo since August 2006. I couldn't see myself going to anyone else. 5 stars!"

~ Chester C.

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"I've been seeing Doctor Lo for several years now and am very happy with the services she has provided. Her expertise in her field is outstanding and her attitude towards her patients is great. She makes me feel special and she is a very good listener. I would recommend her to anyone!"

~ Clarence J.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"All of my visits to The Hearing Clinic have been handled in an efficient and professional manner. It was apparent from my first visit to the clinic that Dr. Catherine Lo and her team are patient-focused in their approach. I stepped into a pleasant environment and was greeted with a friendly smile. Dr. Lo’s gentle manner and cheerful spirit immediately put me at ease. She carefully explained the hearing test procedure to me prior to beginning the evaluation. After the evaluation, she discussed the results of the test with me and provided me with my options using terminology that was easily understood. In my opinion, Dr. Lo is an excellent audiologist who is up to date with the ever-changing technology in hearing health. I feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Lo to my friends."

~ Gail B.

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"Complete satisfaction on check up or when need services to hearing aid. I'm satisfied. "

~ Ivory S.

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"Dr. Lo is the sweetest, patient Dr. I have had the pleasure of seeing in. She goes way beyond what could be expected. Everyone you ask says the same thing. We love her!!"

~ Loretta A.

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"Better hearing in all areas. Great to engage in conversations. Highest esteem of Dr. Lo. "

~ Addie J.

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"Excellent. "

~ Tim .

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"Always dependable, took care of my needs, worked with me even after my dog ate my was time for an upgrade. This year marks over 15 years using Oticon and the Hearing Clinic. I wouldn't change anything. I highly recommend them. "

~ Brenda B.

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"My visits to Dr. Lo have always been very pleasant and professional. She and her staff are always helpful concerning my comfort and the reason for my visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Lo for any hearing needs. "

~ Janelle B.

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"My hearing loss has been both embarrassing and difficult. Dr. Catherine Lo, AUD is so professional, so compassionate and an excellent doctor. I am privileged. "

~ Katherine M.

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"Well done. Amazing."

~ Rodney .

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"Our experience at The Hearing Clinic was excellent! Explanation of the issues were perfect. "

~ John H.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"I am very well satisfied with my experience at The Hearing Clinic. I have dealt with other hearing places but the care, service and expertise of the professionals at The Hearing Clinic is uncomparable. I'm so satisfied with this business place that I've purchased two sets of hearing aids from it in the last several years. I highly recommend that you try them; you won't be disappointed. "

~ Frank J.

Review left on Healthy Hearing

"My experience at The Hearing Clinic was very friendly and relaxing. Catherine explained every step of the procedure thoroughly. I enjoyed the way she scheduled it over several weeks. I am very satisfied and would recommend her service highly. "

~ Burnell P.

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"She was very helpful, explained on the graph, the results of my hearing test so I could understand them. "

~ Randy P.

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"Always thorough and pleasant. Very efficient and up to date with new technology. Happy with service. "

~ Paul L.

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