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EarQ Creates Hearing Solutions for Members of the National Basketball Retired Players Association

Published: 10/15/2012

Last Updated: 10/09/2017

New program will provide hearing health education and access to hearing devices for retired NBA players and their families

October 10, 2012
The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA), a non-profit organization whose members include former professional basketball players from the NBA and other professional basketball organizations, has selected to work with EarQ, a nationwide network of hearing healthcare providers, to create a comprehensive hearing education and hearing device discount program for its members.

The NBRPA’s mission is to help its members’ transition into life after basketball through a wide array of programs ranging from community enrichment to healthcare programs. After learning that over 30 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, the NBRPA decided to help educate its members and work with EarQ to provide greater awareness and do what it can to help motivate people into action.

“We designed this program to assist our members in restoring their overall health and further enriching their lives. Even minor hearing loss can have devastating effects our ability to maintain relationships and perform daily activities. Encouraging our members to take control of their hearing health will better allow us to provide the tools they need to flourish in their lives post-basketball,” said Arnie Fielkow, CEO of the NBRPA.
“We are proud to work with the NBRPA,” said Ed Keller, president of EarQ. “Being selected to provide hearing healthcare to a high profile organization such as the National Basketball Retired Players Association is a true honor.”

On August 18th, Keller, along with Andrew Hebert, managing director for EarQ, Amy Monaghan, hearing concierge for EarQ, and several EarQ members including Kathleen DiGiovanni, Au.D., CCC-A and Katie Hopkins, M.A., CCC-A, both from Medical Center Hearing Aids, Ltd. in Houston, Troy Mills, Board Certified HIS from the American Hearing Center, Inc in Ashtabula, OH and Ann Broughton, Au.D., CCC-A from Brookside Specialty Center in Rockford, IL, attended the NBRPA’s Legends World Sports Conference in New Orleans, LA. During the event, these select EarQ providers had the opportunity to test NBRPA members’ hearing right on site. Keller, Hebert and Monaghan worked to further educate the association and its members on the personal impact of hearing loss and how the EarQ Hearing Education and Discount Program for the NBRPA will be an excellent resource for them.

It was at this conference that EarQ and the NBRPA met Mrs. Georgina Brunet, an 87-year-old New Orleans native who is incredibly active in her community and in need of hearing devices. Both organizations were touched by her story and proud that their partnership could foster some much-deserved assistance for such an amazing woman. At New Orleans Speech & Hearing Center on September 24th, EarQ and members of the NBRPA presented Mrs. Brunet with a pair of hearing devices in recognition of her need and her years of helping others before herself.

More than 280 million people worldwide live with hearing loss. For many, occupational factors such as working in loud environments, the risk of repeated head injuries and stress can contribute to a higher incidence of impairment than in the general population. The Guinness Book of World Records entry for the loudest NBA game was 130 decibels--45 decibels higher than the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations. Left untreated, hearing loss can inhibit social interaction and a person’s ability to perform daily activities, which can lead to withdrawal, isolation, depression and increased instance of heart disease. Yet, only about 20 percent of people with hearing loss actually use a hearing device.

“While this education and discount program with the NBRPA will have an impact on its members and their families, it also serves as a spotlight on hearing loss for everybody,” said Keller. “All people over the age of 45 should consider getting hearing evaluations to detect hearing concerns and address the hardships in their daily interactions that may result. By providing this discount to the players, we hope to raise awareness on hearing impairments, lessen the stigma of using hearing devices and help the general public improve their hearing health.”

For more information, call toll-free 1-866-432-7500.


About EarQ:
The EarQ group is an exclusive network of Hearing Healthcare Providers dedicated to combining the most advanced technologies available with personalized service to provide Americans of all ages who suffer from hearing loss with the best possible hearing solutions.

Contact: Andrew Hebert, info@earq.com 1-866-432-7500

About the NBRPA:
The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) is comprised of former professional basketball players from the NBA, ABA and Harlem Globetrotters. It is a 501(c) 3 organization with a mission to develop, implement and advocate a wide array of programs to benefit its members, supporters and the community. The NBRPA was founded in 1992 by basketball legends Dave DeBusschere, Dave Bing, Archie Clark, Dave Cowens and Oscar Robertson. The NBRPA works in direct partnerships with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. Arnie D. Fielkow is the CEO, and the NBRPA Board of Directors includes President & Chairman of the Board Robert A. (Bob) Elliott, Vice President Otis Birdsong, Treasurer Marvin Roberts, Secretary Steve Hayes, Past President Dr. George W. Tinsley Sr., Thurl Bailey, Harvey Catchings, James Donaldson, Johnny Newman, LaRue Martin and Danny Schayes.


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