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Global Hearing Aid Manufacturer Backs EarQ's Mission to Support Practice Owners as Industry Evolves

Published: 06/16/2016

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

The rising debate surrounding the cost of hearing healthcare suggests radical shifts ahead for independent practices. EarQ prepared professionals for these changes at its latest client seminar, co-sponsored by Widex, a leading hearing aid manufacturer.

EarQ and Widex Thrive Event
Left to right: Jeff Geigel, President of Widex, Ed Keller, President of EarQ, and Jørgen Jensen, Global CEO of Widex.

From June 14 to 16, EarQ members gathered at the Widex USA headquarters in Hauppauge, NY, to receive innovative training and exclusive engagement with Widex products. Founded in Denmark, Widex is one of the world’s principal hearing aid manufacturers and has recently been selected as one of EarQ’s technology partners.

EarQ’s Thrive training in Hauppauge was the first event co-sponsored by the partnership, and Widex’s global CEO, Jørgen Jensen was in attendance along with many other corporate executives. Events like Thrive are part of an EarQ member’s compliance, and they are certainly necessary in an industry that is experiencing significant change.

“There is an ongoing dialogue concerning the future costs of hearing healthcare,” said Cliff Carey, Vice President of Communication for EarQ. “It is EarQ’s mission to ensure our members—small business owners—have the solutions they need to compete in this evolving marketplace.”

As a key resource for independent practice owners, EarQ offers a number of cutting-edge business and marketing programs designed to increase patient retention and practice success. These events allow members to learn more about how they can take advantage of EarQ programs and receive the full benefits of their membership.

EarQ’s Secure Warranty is among the highlighted programs in this year’s member training. The warranty covers all EarQ devices and extends to four years. In addition to being America’s longest hearing aid warranty, Secure has a new look and feel that appeals to the modern consumer. With Secure, practice owners offer their patients the highest level of protection and confidence in their hearing healthcare.

Patient experience is a top priority for EarQ and its members. The company advocates for the success of independent practices because they can provide highly specialized care to meet every patient’s individual needs. EarQ has partnered with Widex because it shares this common value.

Widex’s main goal is for patients with hearing loss to have the same hearing ability as a person with normal hearing when they use Widex devices. For this to be a reality, every Widex device must be built from the ground up instead of repackaging old technology. Because Widex and EarQ both believe an individualized approach produces the best results, the partnership continues to set high standards in hearing health.

With leading training from EarQ and its manufacturers, independent practice owners can continue to be the leaders in the hearing healthcare industry. Additional EarQ Thrive events are scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. A full schedule from EarQ is available upon request.


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