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Hearing Concerns Unmasked by EarQ During NBA All Star-Weekend in New Orleans

Published: 02/21/2017

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

During 2017 NBA All-Star pre-game activities in New Orleans, representatives from EarQ provided free hearing screenings and educated former pro players on hearing loss and the measures they can take in the future.

EarQ member, Danielle Mercer, tests the hearing of former players.
EarQ member, Danielle Mercer, tests the hearing of former players.

From February 17-19, EarQ teamed up with the NBA Retired Players Association during the NBA All-Star game weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the fifth year in a row that EarQ representatives have attended the event to spread awareness about the prevalence of hearing loss in athletes and ensure healthy hearing is a priority for former players.

With 1,400 independent provider locations across the country, EarQ has a network of skilled hearing healthcare professionals committed to helping former pro athletes hear better. In exclusive events leading up to the All-Star game, members of EarQ provided hearing screenings for former professional basketball players to determine if they are in need of treatment.

Former pro players were also able to access educational resources on hearing conditions, hearing aids, and hearing loss prevention. More than 38 million Americans with hearing loss let it go untreated. There are also many health conditions closely related to hearing loss such as heart disease, obesity, depression, and more. EarQ believes that spreading hearing loss awareness and education is essential to breaking down barriers that prevent people from seeking treatment and leading healthy futures.

“We see a significant need when we examine the population of people who let their hearing loss go untreated,” says Clifford Carey, Vice President of Communications at EarQ. “Our work with the NBA Retired Players Association has allowed us to address this need and help former players improve their quality of life.”


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