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Doctors to Grow Ears for Young Boy

Published: 08/28/2013

Last Updated: 08/01/2017

Kieran Sorkin

Kieran Sorkin, of Bushey, England, was born with a condition known as mictrotia, which left him with only small lobes where his ears should be. This condition happens at birth and affects only one in 100,000 babies.

While Kieran was born with severe hearing loss, several surgeries and a bone anchored hearing device have helped his hearing improve. But, doctors now intend to grow ears for him using cartilage from six of his ribs.

Dr. Neil Bulstrode, Kieran’s surgeon, said his team plans to first use the cartilage to carve a framework in the shape of an ear. He will then place the framework under the skin where the ears will go and use a vacuum to conform it to the contours of the ear.

While Kieran is very accepting of his condition, he is looking forward feeling more self confident after receiving his new ears next year.


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