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Hearing Aid Dispenser Group Invites EarQ to Discuss Patient Engagement in the Digital World

Published: 09/12/2016

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

With innovative, patient-driving programs, EarQ helps independent practices compete in the hearing healthcare industry. Representatives from EarQ joined the 2016 IHS conference to discuss the digital strategies practice owners need to connect with their patients online.

EarQ at IHS Booth

The 65th Annual International Hearing Society (IHS) Convention and Expo took place from September 8-10 in Chicago, Illinois. Hearing healthcare professionals from around the world gather at the conference each year to collaborate, discuss new advancements in hearing technology, and learn more about ways to succeed in a competitive landscape.

Representatives from EarQ were invited to discuss how independent practice owners must reach their patients online in order to grow their businesses. With a network of over 1,400 independent provider locations nationwide, EarQ supports small business owners as they build their brands and develop their individual approaches toward patient engagement and education. Andrew Hebert, Senior Vice President of EarQ, says creating and maintaining a strong online presence is key to this growth.

“Having an evolved digital strategy is necessary in order to compete in any industry, especially healthcare,” he says. “We are constantly developing new solutions for our practice owners so they can become the primary resource for hearing healthcare in their communities.”

Some of these solutions include programs like Iris, EarQ’s innovative responsive internet strategy. This program allows participating members to be highly visible online through digital marketing strategies and websites with rich and original content. EarQ offers a variety of multichannel marketing programs to reach those at different stages of the hearing aid buying cycle and emphasize practice authority.

Conventions like IHS give EarQ more opportunities to reach independent practice owners and highlight the programs that allow their practices to thrive.


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