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Acclaimed Author Ken Blanchard Receives Donation from EarQ to Further His Leadership Mission

Published: 09/06/2013

Last Updated: 10/09/2017

During a visit to EarQ, Blanchard and Ed Keller, president of EarQ, competed in a basketball shoot out to raise money for Blanchard’s leadership training program.


Ken Blanchard playing basketball with EarQ president Ed Keller

Many people know Ken Blanchard as a best-selling author, a management innovator and a leadership guru, but not many know him as an ace on the basketball court.

On August 27th, Blanchard visited EarQ’s corporate headquarters in Syracuse, NY to discuss some of his highly regarded leadership techniques and beliefs with EarQ’s staff and visiting representatives from major hearing device manufacturer ReSound.

The discussion turned to the disciplined leadership required in sports. After commenting on the importance of foul shots in basketball, Blanchard mentioned he quite enjoys shooting hoops. This led Ed Keller, president of EarQ, to make Blanchard a wager.

“I said if he can make seven out of 10 free throws, I’d donate $500 to his organization,” said Keller. “When he made seven in a row, I told him I’d double my offer if he made all 10. He sunk nine and just missed the tenth. Ken is such an inspiration to us that we’re happy to make a donation to his work.”

In total, Keller donated $1,000 to Blanchard’s leadership program, Lead like Jesus.  Through workshops, materials and online systems, the program teaches people how to adopt and utilize the same effective leadership techniques as Jesus.


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