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New EarQ.com Changes the Face of Hearing Healthcare for Today's Patients

Published: 04/29/2015

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

EarQ launches an innovative website to reach the more than 30 million Americans with untreated hearing loss and empower them to make their hearing health a top priority.

Syracuse, NY (April 29, 2015)—At a time when millions of Americans are searching for quality hearing healthcare solutions in an increasingly hectic marketplace, EarQ is offering consumers the clarity they need to take control of their hearing health.

One of the most significant launches in EarQ’s history, the new EarQ.com features a sleek, user-friendly navigation, an interactive hearing device gallery, engaging content, the most advanced geo-location technology, and much more.

EarQ.com will better allow today’s consumers to take an active role in improving their hearing health and easily connect to their local hearing healthcare professional.

“After years of research and development, the new EarQ.com stands as a testament to our commitment to connecting more patients to private practices nationwide,” said Ed Keller, president of EarQ. “Hearing loss remains an underdiagnosed health crisis in our country, but by continuing to make significant investments in outreach and education, we can truly impact the way hearing loss and its solutions are viewed today.”


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