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New Research Shows Women Who Address Their Hearing Health Can Experience a Greater Quality of Life

Published: 04/19/2013

Last Updated: 10/09/2017

Addressing hearing loss helps women stay physically, cognitively and socially active, according to the Better Hearing Institute. Research shows that hearing loss is frequently associated with other physical, mental and emotional health conditions, and that women who address their hearing loss often experience a better quality of life. The institute released this information as part of its outreach in recognition of National Women's Health Week, May 12th-18th.

For the vast majority of people with hearing loss, hearing devices are the best solution. Eight out of 10 hearing device users say they're satisfied with the changes that have occurred in their lives specifically due to their hearing devices. From how wearers feel about themselves to the positive changes they see in their relationships, social interactions and work lives, hearing device wearers are reaping the benefits of today's technology.

But when left unaddressed, hearing loss can interfere with a woman's life and negatively affect virtually every aspect of her day-to-day living -- including how she communicates with her doctor. Hearing loss is also linked to other health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression, social isolation and Alzheimer’s, so it's important that women and their healthcare providers routinely address hearing health as part of their medical care. Millions of women in America suffer from unaddressed hearing loss. Most are still in the workforce. 


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