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NFL Players Association Welcomes EarQ to Its Annual Conference for the Third Year

Published: 04/02/2014

Last Updated: 10/19/2017

EarQ representatives joined the former players at their annual conference to discuss the importance of maintaining their hearing health and utilizing today’s advanced hearing loss solutions.

Syracuse, NY (April 2, 2014)— For the third consecutive year, representatives from EarQ worked with members of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) during their annual conference to discuss hearing loss, its advanced solutions, and how they can encourage others to make hearing health a priority.

From March 19-22 in Orlando, FL, the EarQ team discussed the benefits of hearing better with the players and their family members and provided free hearing screenings and video ear inspections.

Rebecca Wantuck, Au.D. of Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo (left) and Brenna Besemer, of EarQ

Rebecca Wantuck, Au.D. of Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo (left) and Brenna Besemer, of EarQ

The team also assisted members in finding their local provider so they can continue their journey to hear better upon their return home. EarQ is a member discount program provider for the NFLPA.

 “Partnering with the NFLPA to improve hearing education for their players and the growing number of Americans who could benefit by hearing better is a very important focus of EarQ‘s commitment to help people reconnect to their lives,” said Ed Keller, president of EarQ.  “At the NFLPA annual conference, we were able to find answers for the players with hearing difficulties and start them on the path to finding the right solution.”


About the NFL Players Association

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) is a non-profit, professional sports union that protects the best interests and welfare of all NFL players.  It serves as the exclusive bargaining agent for all NFL players in collective bargaining.  Established in 1956, the NFLPA has a long history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.  The NFLPA is governed by a Board of Player Representatives, acting in accordance with the NFLPA Constitution and federal labor laws. The NFLPA’s responsibilities include: Representing all players in matters concerning wages, hours and working conditions and protecting their rights as professional football players; ensuring that the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement are met; negotiating and monitoring retirement and insurance benefits; providing other member services and activities; providing assistance to charitable and community organizations; enhancing and defending the image of players and their profession, on and off the field. For more information, visit www.NFLPlayers.com.

Last updated: April 2, 2014


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