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Former Professional Football Players Benefit from Hearing Health Research by EarQ and the NFLPA

Published: 09/21/2016

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

EarQ and The NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation continue to study the correlation between hearing loss and former players and help them access the hearing technology they need.

EarQ's Hilary Richardson with Benchwarmer Bob

From September 16 to 17, representatives from EarQ and the NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation went to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to continue their research on the high incidence of hearing loss in former professional football players.

The event took place at the University of Minnesota Medical Center where former players and their family members were screened for hearing loss and fit for hearing aids, if needed. With more than 1,400 independent provider locations, EarQ has a skilled network of hearing healthcare professionals to test and treat players. This event included representatives from About Better Care Audiology, Maris Hearing Center, and On-Site Hearing.

Also in attendance were members of the Purple People Eaters, the Minnesota Viking’s defensive line from the 1960’s and 1970’s. As retired players with a long legacy, these individuals can further propel the mission to increase hearing loss awareness among pro players. The Living Heart Foundation—another organization dedicated to health awareness—also attended to educate former players and their family members.

EarQ and the NFLPA have been teaming up to combat hearing loss in professional football players for more than five years. Through their efforts, it has become more apparent that professional football players are among those at-risk for career-related hearing loss. While people experience hearing loss for a number of reasons, career-related hearing loss is a common condition that the partnership strives to prevent for players now and in the future.

“In addition to treating players whose lives have already been affected, our goal is to determine the specific causes of playing-career related hearing loss, find solutions, and take action,” says Clifford Carey, VP of Communications at EarQ. “To accomplish this, we need players to use their platform to spread awareness to other players—and fans—across the nation.”

See previous releases concerning this research here.


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