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Pro Athletes Have Their Chance to Cheer: EarQ and the NFLPA Address Hearing Loss at the 2017 Pro Bowl

Published: 01/31/2017

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

EarQ and the NFLPA are educating former professional football players on the growing prevalence of hearing loss. The partnership's efforts continued with testing and free hearing aid fittings at the 2017 Pro Bowl.

Julianna Hebert with Larry Gagner, former Pittsburgh Steeler
Julianna Hebert with Larry Gagner, former Pittsburgh Steeler

On January 28 and 29, 2017, the EarQ team attended the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida, to provide hearing health education, free screenings, and hearing aid technology to former players. For more than five years, EarQ and the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF) have been on a mission to make hearing health a priority for former athletes, their family members, and their fans.

In addition to providing free hearing healthcare services, representatives from EarQ discussed the number of health conditions related to hearing loss such as heart disease, sleep apnea, obesity, and cognitive decline. Members of the PAF and medical professionals from other fields—such as the Living Heart Foundation— learned more about these risk-factors and how treating hearing loss leads to a happier and healthier life.

There are also risk-factors associated with occupation and lifestyle. Through the partnership’s leading-edge research study, EarQ and the NFLPA are drawing conclusions on the correlation between hearing loss and professional football. Later this year, EarQ will be presenting early findings from the study at the AudiologyNow! Conference in Indianapolis.

"By fitting former professional players with hearing aids, we are improving one life at a time,” says Andrew Hebert, Senior Vice President of EarQ. “By equipping them with ongoing hearing health education, former players can spread awareness beyond themselves to their friends, families, and fans!”


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