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Innovation Continues in Syracuse as EarQ brings 50 Leading Hearing Healthcare Professionals to the Area

Published: 09/22/2016

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

Independent practice owners join together in Syracuse, New York, to learn more about the programs, strategies and innovative thinking that will connect more patients to their practices, and allow them to combat commoditized healthcare in the hearing industry.


EarQ members learn skills to grow their practice

From October 23-25, EarQ hosted a training event for its members in Syracuse, New York. Throughout 2016, EarQ has held Thrive-themed trainings across the country; however, this was the first ever training held at the EarQ headquarters. The event was co-hosted by Signia, a leading hearing aid manufacturer and one of EarQ's technology partners.

As a nationwide network of over 1,400 select hearing healthcare provider locations, EarQ is a primary resource for practice owners who want their businesses to succeed while also remaining independent. With big box retailers and commoditization gaining momentum in the industry, small businesses are facing a lot of uncertainty and EarQ is determined to keep them ahead. According to Ed Keller, President of EarQ, this is important because the high-quality of care independent practices offer can't be found with commoditized healthcare.

"I don't mind facing the giant retailers because I believe what we are doing is right and just," says Keller. "Many of us have been witness to the life-changing benefits of focused and quality healthcare, and that is what drives our passion for what we do. We are thrilled to have our members—leading hearing healthcare professionals—here in Syracuse to work toward setting the bar even higher in our industry."

The week kicked off on Sunday night with a Welcome Ceremony and tour of the EarQ headquarters. For many members, it was their first time coming to the Central New York area and visiting the local attractions in Syracuse. The next few days were dedicated to learning more about Signia's latest technology, and the programs that differentiate EarQ members and help them connect with more patients in need.

EarQ's Secure Warranty is one of those programs. While typical hearing aid warranties last anywhere from one to three years, Secure offers four full years of protection. As the longest warranty in the United States, it is a big draw for both potential and current patients.

"With major practice differentiators and continued engagement, EarQ members are primed to be leaders in the hearing healthcare industry," says Keller. "The future is bright for our members, and we look forward to seeing them utilize the information from our training and thrive in their communities!"


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