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EarQ and Its Technology Partners Co-Host Landmark Industry Discussions

Andrew Hebert, vice president of EarQ and Scott Davis, CEO of Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Independent hearing healthcare providers met at exclusive events across the country to discuss the current state of the industry, learn about EarQ’s cutting-edge patient-focused programs, and receive hands-on training with the most advanced hearing technology.

Syracuse, NY (June 16, 2014)—At a time of great change in the hearing healthcare industry, EarQ and its technology partners, Oticon, Siemens and Starkey, recently held exclusive events for EarQ members to discuss the state of the industry and plan the best way forward for independent practice owners utilizing the most advanced programs and technology available today.

Held at each manufacturer’s domestic headquarters, Somerset, NJ, Piscataway, NJ, and Eden Prairie, MN, respectively, the events allowed independent hearing healthcare providers to participate in open dialogues with EarQ and manufacturer executives about the recent pushes toward commoditization of hearing devices in the wholesale market and the effects on their patients.

“The move by some manufacturers toward commoditizing their medical devices and distributing through wholesale retailers could lead to the dilution of the manufacturer’s quality standards and, more importantly, the level of service required to fit those sophisticated devices,” said Clifford Carey, communications director of EarQ. “By uniting our voices, we can stem the flow of commoditization in this healthcare field.”

The group also learned about EarQ’s cutting-edge patient-focused programs and received hands-on training with each manufacturer’s latest technology.

During the events, the EarQ team, through its not-for-profit organization, the HearStrong Foundation, also celebrated several unforgettable HearStrong Champions, figure skater Danielle Fanelle, New Jersey hearing aid legislation inspiration Grace Gleba, and educator Sara Lundquist.


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