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Fighting Hearing Loss at the 2018 Pro Bowl

2018 Pro Bowl, NFLPA and EarQ

At the 2018 Pro Bowl, EarQ and the NFLPA provided free hearing screenings and hearing aid fittings in an effort to promote healthier hearing in former professional players.

On January 27, 2018, representatives from EarQ attended the Pro Bowl pre-game activities in Orlando, Florida, to provide free screenings and hearing aid fittings to former professional players. Each year, former players gather at this event to learn more about how they can stay healthy in their post-career lives.

A nationwide network of independent hearing healthcare providers, EarQ has been partnering with the NFL Players Association's Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF) for more than six years. The partnership's efforts are focused on finding hearing healthcare solutions for pro players now and in the future.

Health-focused events like the Pro Bowl pre-game activities are just one way the partnership is propelling the hearing healthcare movement forward. In addition to providing free hearing healthcare services, EarQ also hopes to spread awareness and educate former players on the importance of hearing health.

Also in attendance were representatives from Signia USA and the Living Heart Foundation who discussed the prevalence of heart disease—a condition that has been connected with hearing loss in multiple studies.

"As we work together to find healthcare solutions for former players, we are doing an important job," says Ed Keller, president of EarQ. "Together, we can making hearing health a top priority and improve the quality of life for players and their fans across the nation."

To learn more about EarQ and its partnership with the NFLPA, please call 866-432-7500


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