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Helping Fans Hear: Jim Kelly Endorses EarQ Hearing Aids

Jim Kelly EarQ Endorsement

Hall of Famer and four-time AFC Champion quarterback, Jim Kelly, has publically announced his endorsement of EarQ hearing aids through a series of digital campaigns. Jim played for the Buffalo Bills for 11 seasons, and is a well-regarded member of the Western New York community.

“Reality has set in. I’m so much better off now with my EarQ hearing aids,” says Jim. “It has helped my quality of life so much. I’m now able to hear people better the first time... For me, this has been a life changer.”

For more than six years, EarQ has partnered with the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (NFLPA) to combat hearing loss in former players and their fans. Through this partnership, EarQ had the opportunity to fit Jim with EarQ hearing aids last year, after learning of his dissatisfaction with his current devices. Since that time, Jim has noticed a significant change in the quality of his life.

“We are honored to receive this important endorsement,” says Ed Keller, president of EarQ. “Jim’s influence will help us connect even more patients with the hearing solutions they need.”

To learn more about the program or EarQ hearing aids please call 866-432-7500.


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