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Hearing Innovation Expo: Starkey Hosts EarQ and Global Influencers

EarQ's expanded leadership team attended Starkey Hearing Technologies' Hearing Innovation Expo

EarQ's expanded leadership team attended Starkey Hearing Technologies' Hearing Innovation Expo to discuss ways that the hearing healthcare industry can be improved for independent practice owners and patients.

Syracuse, NY (January 26, 2016)—From January 20-23, EarQ's newly expanded leadership team made its debut at Starkey Hearing Technologies' flagship event, the Starkey Hearing Innovation Expo, at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Joining other hearing healthcare industry thought leaders as well as prominent figures in other fields such as business and technology, the EarQ team participated in forward-thinking discussions about the current state of hearing healthcare and the opportunities ahead.

This year's list of keynote speakers included Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Ben Affleck, Magic Johnson, Randi Zuckerberg, and Mark Cuban.

"As an organization that is always looking to expand its expertise, especially pertaining to ways we can help independent practice owners succeed in a changing marketplace, the Hearing Innovation Expo is truly an event we look forward to," said Andrew Hebert, senior vice president of EarQ. "To be able to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world is such a rare opportunity, and we can't wait to use our new ideas to develop more solutions for EarQ members."

The biennial expo is one of the premier events within the hearing healthcare industry. It allows Fortune 500 executives, groundbreaking researchers, and top independent practice owners to discuss the most pressing issues within hearing healthcare and use their collective knowledge and experience to create new solutions to change the way the world understands and addresses hearing loss.


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