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Since 1999, EarQ has helped others reclaim moments, relationships, and conversations that hearing difficulties take away over time through our hearing aids and network of professionals. Whether it's going out to a restaurant, seeing a movie at a theater, or conversing with friends and family, the truth is that hearing difficulties invade these activities and create barriers and feelings of isolation. We're dedicated to breaking down these barriers because everyone deserves to experience better hearing. By referring those in need to their local hearing professional's office, EarQ helps people reconnect to every facet of their lives, no matter what their age or circumstance.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be affected at any age by hearing difficulties. By choosing to hear better, you can experience increased earning potential, better relationships and conversations, and higher self-esteem. EarQ hearing devices include the most research and development than any other brand of hearing aid, and the award-winning technology included in them can help you hear better and reconnect with your life.

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