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Clarity Alertmaster AL10
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Clarity Alertmaster AL10


Using vibrations and indicator lights with adjustable brightness levels, the Clarity Alertmaster AL10 has a number of alarm functions and draws your attention to where it’s needed. Not only is this convenient and helpful, but it also keeps you feeling safe.

Alertmaster AL10 helps you stay connected and aware of your surroundings. Through its wide variety of accessories, you can connect to many different elements of your home including your doorbell, phone, baby monitors, and more!

The device will signal upon detecting any unusual sound or motion to ensure you are the first to know about everything going on in your home.

The separate accessories available for the Alertmaster AL10, allow you to expand on the device features or customize it to your specific needs.

The following can help you get the most out of your Alertmaster AL10:

  • Alertmaster AL12 Remote Receiver
  • AMAX Audio Alarm
  • AMBX Baby Monitor
  • AMDX Door Announcer
  • AMPBX Personal Tactile Signaler

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